Never too Late To Chase Your Dream

Do you feel like you are too old to pursue your big dreams? Well I disagree that age can actually stop you from becoming who you want to become. Age is just a number you know, you can achieve great things and live your dreams to the fullest. you haven’t lost your chances yet, Success can come at any age.

Most entrepreneurs started at the time when most people are retiring. This set of people decided to ditch retirement life and pursue their greatest vision without minding their ages. Age is never a measure to declare your potential of being an entrepreneur.

Now take inspiration from these hardworking entrepreneurs who started late.


.Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Vera’s job was creating a career in sports and publishing  before entering the fashion industry as a senior editor at vogue. Wang never created any dress until the preparation of her wedding when she was 39.

She challenged her skills by sketching her wedding dress herself and then gave a dressmaker to sew the gown. This actually brought out cloth making passion in her.

When she was 40, Vera opened her own bridal boutique with the help of her father. She never felt it was late to start her own brand and continues to expand her fashion empire with great passion.

To find more about Vera’s fashion empire,  check


.Jim Butenschoen:

Jim Butenschoen

Jim spent 22 years of his life in corporate sales and marketing. He later made up his mind to quit because he deserved a better job that will bring out the best part of him. He wanted to start his own business, so he went on 5 years research for a good business to buy before he came up on a beauty school.

He opened the Career Academy of Hair Design with 6 Employees at starting stage. I call this determination. For more updates on career academy of hair design, check


.Ernestine Shephard:

Ernestine shephard

Ernestine is an American body builder who started at the age of 56. She is a personal trainer and trains mostly senior or older women.  She started her classes with just 10 students which has currently boomed to a stage where women struggle just to be in her training class.


.Micheal Grottola:

Micheal Grotolla

At the age of 65, Micheal started his consulting work after he lost his job as a senior executive in charge of technology at global auditing company. He never gave up but went ahead to start up his own consulting business where he has helped many small business clients to fundraise capitals for their projects.


.Dave Bateman:

Dave and wife Trudy

Dave is a retired colonel from the US Air Force. After his retirement, he developed the urge to start his own business. With this dream of his, He moved to Hawaii from Washington with his wife Trudy and started their coffee business


.Lynn Brooks :

Lynn Brooks

At her age, Lynn was not afraid to leave an eight years job she didn’t have passion for and pursue her dreams. At 59, she opened a welcome visitor service called


.Lorraine Campman:

Lorraine Campman

Lorraine who has faced many challenges didn’t let failure define her. She struggled and later accomplished her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She started a music center where she teaches piano to adults.


.Marcia Duhart:

Marcia Duhart

Marcia’s story is another big motivation to older people. She founded cyber senior services after she retired from Merril lynch in 1998. taught one on one class For close to 50$ per hour and per person. She once stated during an interview in her final days “I’ve had students up to 90, I’m 67 now, and I have a lot of lot of energy to do this service work, because I do what I love. I love teaching people “

Her friends and family are very proud of her for all she has accomplished. Even after retirement, she still re-invented herself giving services to others and enriching seniors. Her last day on earth was also based on service to another after she was stricken when answering a call from a neighbour that fell  and needed help, this happened  in October 22, 2010 at the age of 67. She never recovered.


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