Munira Abdullah a 32 years oldย  woman from the United Arab Emirates has regained consciousness after spending 27 years in a coma.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury after she was involved in a car crash in 1991. She suffered a head injury trying to save his 4 years old son Omar. Love of a mother!

After she was taken to the hospital, she was unresponsive but could still feel pain. According to the doctors, she was in a vegetative state. After she was placed on a ventilator and feeding tube to keep her alive, she spent years hooked up to a machine.

Monira was flown to Germany were she had a surgery to repair her muscles. Her treatments was sponsored by the Crowned Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed. He heard about her case and gave her family a grant for her treatment in April 2017. Man’s humanity to Man!

Few months later, Monira began making sounds, and within few days she called out to Omar’s name after he heard him involve in an argument in the hospital room.

Omar was so happy hearing his mother call his name. Finally, what he has dreamt for years has finally happened. He was so happy that his name was the first thing she mentioned after 27 years in a coma.

Gradually she is able to pray and hold conversations with her family and friends, she is currently familiar with her environment. She only needs regular physiotherapy to treat her muscle problems.

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