Why You Shouldn’t always be people-pleaser

  • When you try to keep everyone happy at all times, you can never fulfill your destiny. Some people are not usually happy for your success and would try to stop you from making progress.

People give us all kinds of advice, most of which we do not ask for, but hear me now, only “Eat the hay and spit out the sticks. We should only pick the ones that are good and helpful, don’t ever let the opinions of others control you.

Do you know that some of world’s greatest inventors were judged, criticised and persecuted by their friends and family. They didn’t allow their criticisms and judgement guide their destiny, they continued to press on, because they believed in what they are doing.

Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician discovered that a deadly infection which is common during childbirth could be greatly reduced when doctors and attendants washed their hands thoroughly in between patients. He was mocked out of Vienna for his belief, despite lowering the mortality rate of women giving birth. He didn’t let all of this discourage him, he still went ahead to put his findings in black and white and was later credited with making childbirth safer.

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The formula for failure is trying to please everyone. Don’t ever allow the fear of man to rule over you. We all want to be accepted and liked, but we shouldn’t let that desire control us. If you let other people guide your destiny, you will eventually feel used and become bitter.


According to a popular statement “To Thine own heart be true”.

There is a great need to start now to overcome that off-balance need to please people and follow your own heart if you want to live a fulfilled life.

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