Use this Techniques to Get Rid of Lower back pain


Back pain is one of the major reasons individuals go to the specialist or miss work.

This kind of pain does not always happen because of old age, sometimes it’s as a result of bad habits, kept over a long period of time. Many times, we are sitting and not exactly keeping good postures.

Lower back pain can also be caused by a bladder issue, a fall, hit to your back or another physical issue, it can also be caused by stress, tension and emotions. Stress, tension and repressed emotions can result to a physiological process that leads to pain, numbness, tingling, burning or weakness.

This factors can also put you at risk of developing lower back pain.

. Immobility. When you rarely use the muscles in your back. This may lead to back pain.

. Age. Back pain is progressively normal as you age beginning around age 30 or 40.

. Obesity. Excess body weight puts additional weight and stress to your back and can gradually lead to lower back pain.

. Some kinds of joint diseases and inflammation can cause lower back pain.

. Utilizing the back more than your legs can result to lower back pain.

. Smoking. This decreases bloodstream to the lower spine, which can limit your body from conveying enough supplements to the circles in your back.

Luckily, you can take measures to mitigate back pains, because most of this pain continuously improves with home treatment and self-care. Taking appropriate care of your body mechanics will gradually mend your back.

Symptoms of back pain includes

. Muscle throb

. Pain that intensifies with standing, lifting, bowing, lifting or strolling

. Pain that emanates down your leg.

. Pain that improves when you lean back

. Self care Treatment For Back Pains


Effective Ways to Get Rid of Lower Back Pains

1.The number one cause of injury to the back is how we sit for long periods of time. Always maintain good posture, do not slouch or protrude your neck forward.

Keep the back as straight as you can and lead with the chest as you walk and seat and not with the neck.

2. If you wake up with intense pain in the lower back, lay down on the floor, face down, and adopt a simple cobra position. Relax the lower back and stay there for a while, repeat it again and again during the day. This can gradually repair acute lower back pain.

3. When you drive, be careful of how you treat your back. If you are driving for long hours, take breaks every two hours
and stretch the front of your body before you continue with your journey. You can also do this simple exercise every 1 hour at the office, at home or anywhere you find yourself. It helps to keep your back healthy and also support brain functions.

4. Do not lift heavy stuff and do not do the work that requires too much bending, especially in an awkward way.

5. To relieve pressure on your back, use a raised foot platform to rest your feet whenever you are working on a desk. Also sit on a good chair and table.

6. Eat right diets and exercise daily, keep your body mobile and make your core strong. Anything you can do to keep fit, you can swim or walk.


There are some stretches/exercises that you can do everyday.

. Plank.

Plank works the back and front muscles, even the rest of the body in a balanced way.
When you do this exercise, make sure you breathe deeply, allowing the breath to expand into your lower ribs and back. Hold your position for four to five breaths and

Take a break and repeat up to five times.


. Swan.

Swan excercise has lots of physical benefits which includes, lengthening the hip flexors, targeting the arm muscles and stretching the abdominals. It can also improve posture and reduces the risk of back or lower back pain through mobilising the mid or upper (thoracic) spine and strengthening the back.


. Cow.

This type of exercise allows for a nice extension and flexion of the spine. It promotes mobility and helps to relieve tension in the lower back. Cow can also help to improve posture.


. Swimming.

Swimming can greatly alleviate low back pain. This exercise is a low- impact aerobic workout which can relieve pressure on the spine and joints while exercising the muscles in the back. However, you need to be careful when you swim as many strokes and maneuvers in the pool can make your neck or lower back pain worse.

To avoid this risky strokes, work with a coach or athletic trainer to perfect your stroke. Your trainer will teach you how to keep your shoulders in line with your hips while swimming.


When to see a specialist.

. When your back pain is extreme and doesn’t improve with rest.

. If the pain stretches out underneath the knee or spreads down to any of the legs.

. Causes numbness or shivering in one of the two legs.

. When the waist pain is accompanied by unexplained weight loss.


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