Things You Should Never Do or Say

  1. Never be afraid to cut someone toxic out of your life – Everyone comes to us for a reason and a lesson to be learned.
  2. Never date a married man/woman – what is the use anyways, when they will still go home to their spouse and you will one day get dumped. I guess u’ve heard of the word Karma? It actually have a special way of locating you.
  3. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in even if you’re standing alone.
  4. Never bite off more than you can chew.
  5. Never boast about your accomplishments no one knows tomorrow.
  6. Never help people and expect anything in return
  7. Never jump into someone else’s pudding when you don’t know the flavor.
  8. Never run a mile for people that wouldn’t walk a foot for you.
  9. Never sleep for long – you will wake up feeling more tired.
  10. Never choose your lover over your best friend. Lovers can leave at anytime but Best friends stick around at all times.
  11. Never say anything about anyone you wouldn’t say to their face.
  12. Never sign something before reading it.
  13. Never share your deepest secrets to everyone you see – some secrets are best left untold, some people can use your them against you
  14. Never let a poor upbringing dictate your future – It will only inspire you to work hard and become great in life
  15. Never let anyone try to change you into what they think you should be.
  16. Never become a copy of someone else, be yourself.
  17. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask for help – it may make you feel helpless , but you will be glad you asked if things work out well
  18. Never count your eggs until they are hatched.
  19. Never go back on your promises.
  20. Never believe in promises made during sex, they are all fallacies. 7 TellTale Signs That Shows Your Man is Selfish in Bed
  21. Never get angry in front of your enemies, they hate it when you smile, so keep smiling .
  22. Never take all your friends home, some friends are dangerous. Do not trust everyone
  23. Never rob Mr A to pay Mr B
  24. Never judge someone else until you’ve walked in their shoes.
  25. Do not fall in love with someone who’s still not over their Ex,  – it will be difficult for them to forget the memories, and you might just get dumped someday
  26. Never lose faith in yourself
  27. Never feel ashamed of your parents being illiterates.  If they can raise an educated child like you, then imagine how smart they are
  28. Never always be the best at all times 
  29. Never live life with regrets
  30. Never take anything in life for granted. Heartwarming Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up
  31. Never be afraid of failure. Failure paves way for success.
  32. Don’t always try to explain to people. They will only believe what they want to believe no matter how hard you try to convince them.
  33. Never try to impress anyone other than yourself.
  34.  Never Lend Money to A Friend You Don’t Want to Loose –  Unless you want to loose them and your money
  35. Never Hate yourself for your physical appearance.Work hard & become rich, when you are very rich, people won’t care about your looks cos money stops nonsense.
  36. Never spend more than you make
  37. Never make fun of a depressed person. You can never understand what they are going through unless you walk in their shoes.
  38. Never show off your wealth or tell people how much money you have.
  39. Never not follow your heart
  40. Never stress over things that are out of your control
  41. Never say Never
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