Text Messages That Can Melt His Heart & Make him Love You like Crazy

Do you know you can make your man miss you and want to be with you through text? Use the right words at the right time and you would definitely be melting the strongest of hearts. A simple text a day can actually brighten a person’s day. Here are sweet and heart melting texts that will surely make him smile and feel very special.
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1. Can’t stop thinking about how sexy your smile is

2. What would you like the day to look like my heart?

3. Back massage for you after work

4. Thinking about you right now lookin damn hot in your tie and jacket/ Suit /uniform

5. I’m seriously lucky to have you

6. Wanna curdle with you tonight baby

7. Missing You already and hope you have a great day at work, love you

8. The way I always brag to my friends about you, they’re all jealous cos I’ve got the best man ever.

9. Thank you for working so hard to provide a great life for us

10. Can’t wait to kiss your face and sexy lips my jelly.

11. What would you like to have for lunch/dinner baby

12. Your lips feels and smells like candy, wanna lick it all.

13. Wanna be with you right now

14. Miss you much baby, don’t forget to miss me!

15. Looking at your cute pics right now, can’t just focus. How did I end up so lucky?

16. Ever told you your arms feels like home

17. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

18. Like a diamond, true love is rare to find, but I found you and I’m so happy!

19. 24/7 u are on my mind because u are one of a kind

20. My heart is sure that I love u so much

21. Bundles of joy, sunshine and fun, you’re just everything i love all put together

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