Simplest Home Remedy for Bedwetting in Children


Bedwetting also known as Nocturnal Enuresis, is a process of passing urine unknowingly while sleeping, it is usually common problem among little children. Kids have a small bladder and the urge to urinate is not strong enough to wake them at night.

Bed-wetting can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease. Bed-wetting can occur up to age 5 as part of normal childhood development. In adults, it can be caused by alcohol intoxication.

Bladder control exercise and techniques can help reduce the number of times they bedwet. Teach your kids that each time they feel like urinating, they must hold it for few seconds. With time, this bladder control training will stretch will stretch the bladder and the child will be able to hold in urine a little longer while he or she sleeps.

Nighttime bedwetting can sometimes be due to an undiagnosed medical condition. If your child is usually dry at night, but suddenly starts to wet the bed, you should seek advice from your pediatrician. If there’s a medical reason for bedwetting, then other symptoms will likely be present. Some of this medical reasons are



A blocked bowel pressing on the bladder makes it difficult to keep urine in, particularly while sleeping. If your child is experiencing difficulty in passing hard stools or having two to three bowel movements per week, then you should take the child to a doctor for treatment.


Type 1 Diabetes.

This affects more than 12,000 children every year in the United States, and is often diagnosed as a result of bedwetting frequently with other symptoms such as excessive thirst and weight loss.


UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection).

UTI in children can be caused by constipation with accompanying symptoms such as difficulties passing urine and fever.


Do’s & Dont’s

You should make sure your childresn uses the toilet before they sleep also reward and praise them for dry nights.

Do not punish them for bedwetting and quit giving them too much sugary and processed foods.

Make sure your child doesn’t drink any fluid 2 hours before bedtime.


Simplest home remedy that actually works very fast for your child to stop bedwetting is the use of Cinnamon. Have your child chew Cinnamon bark thouroghly once in a day.


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