Perfect Rainy Day Fun Activities For You and Your Kids

Kids with umbrella in a rainy day
rainy day

It’s a rainy day, everywhere is clowdy Product – Baby Bed Safety Fence , Crib Rail Security Fencing for Children. Buy Now

You are at home, you get bored and then you feel like sleeping . Quit sleeping, and get yourself busy with the kids, spend moments with them, that way you will maintain an emotional connection with them.

Here are some cool and fun filled indoor and outdoor activities I find really interesting. 


Indoor Activities


1.Engage In a karaoke Challenge Indoor karaoke in a rainy day

There is nothing refreshing as singing together especially in a cloudy day.


2.Play Board Games Together Board games in a rainy day


3.Do Some Paintings Paintings in a rainy day


4.Set Up a Home CinemaPopcorn in a rainy day

Watch some movies, a little rain scare would be cool right? Watch soft horror movies that are appropriate for kids, a musical movie will also be great. Make your own popcorn and create your own cinema.


5.Bake Up Something Baking cookies in a rainy day

Bake an easy, creative and yummy cookies or cake with the your kids.


6.Read Books TogetherStory time In a rainy day

Kids reading

Have you ever thought about the advantages of reading in a cold rainy day, it could be so cool and relaxing. Reading is a very good resource on a rainy day . As the kids read an interesting storybook, you too can pick up a novel and read


7.Tidy the Playroom Together Tidying the play room in a rainy day


Outdoor Rainy Day Activities


1.Play Hide and Seek Under the Rain. Hide and seek under the rain


2.Boot Splash in the Rain Would Be Wonderful Boot splash in a rainy day.


3.Play Football Together Playing outside in a rainy day


4.Race Paper Toy in The Flowing Rain Water


5.Take Pictures With Water Proof Camera.


Everything looks so perfect and beautiful with drops of rain in it.


6.Play in The Mud. Playing in the mud in a rainy day Product – Kids Foot Measuring Gauge Device for Kid Shoes Size

7.Start A Treasure HuntTreasure hunt game in a rainy day





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