More Reasons Why You Should Eat Fruits Everyday / Fruits And Their Health Benefits


Fruits is one of the natural and healthiest foods in existence. Thousands of different types of fruits are available to eat which provides us with strong health benefits.

more reasons why you should eat fruits











Cherries calms the nervous system. Cyanidin, an anti-oxidant found in cherries protect the body from cancer cells.




WATERMELON helps to control heart rate. It contain ARGININE, which rid the body of excess amonia and help heal wounds. It is regarded as nature’s gift to the kidney, it can take care of early stage of kidney diseases. it is also good for weight control.



STRAWBERRIES can help fight cancer and aging.




APPLES contain PECTIN which can lower your bad cholesterol. It also help the body to develop resistance against infections. An Apple with combination of honey is considered a very effective remedy for functional disorder of the heart.



BANANA can boost energy level and also contain amino-acid TRYPTOPHAN, which reduces depression. banana being a low sodium diet, is an ideal food in cases of Cirrhosis, edema which is retention of watery fluid in the tissues.




THE natural oil in ORANGES keeps your skin looking young and fresh. it improves eyesight. Oranges contain high amount of Vitamin C making it a powerful antioxidant. Oranges has a potent antioxidant and antitoxin properties, which is capable of neutralizing a variety of Carcinogens.

orange is recommended at night for a sound sleep, because of the mild sedative actions it provides. It’s juice is highly valuable as a gentle laxative and is beneficial in the treatment of Constipation.




PINEAPPLE helps fight Arthritis, it also help in food digestion and build strong bones. Pineapple is one of the richest in Manganese, a trace element actively involved in the formation of female and male cells. it is therefore recommended for those suffering from infertility due to insufficient production of sperm in men, ova in women and germinal cells.




MANGO is a secret wonder fruits which has a whole lot of health benefits, it protect against several kinds of cancer. Eating one or two unripe mangoes can take care of chronic constipation.




KIWIS Increases bone mass.



GRAPES relaxes the blood vessels. Grapes are one of the richest fresh fruits in iron which helps in building hemoglobin in the blood.




BLUEBERRIES Protects the heart


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