Liverpool F.C Cannot Afford to Buy Players All the Time Because Other Clubs Did” Klopp Stated

Liverpool F.C

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool F.C manager explained why Champions League title holders can’t afford to buy players this summer like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-German and Manchester City

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17 years old defender Sepp Van Den Berge is the only one signed by Liverpool F.C and won’t be signing any other person this summer because of economic reasons. 0According to Jorgen Klopp, the way that other clubs run their transactions in the transfer market will not put Liverpool under any pressure whatsoever. He says

“I can’t say anything about what other teams are doing. I don’t know how they do it. We have to pay bills. Sorry, everybody has to pay bills, we have to pay bills,” Klopp told reporters as Liverpool prepared to face Napoli today (Sunday) in a preseason friendly.

We invested money in this team. Now it looks like we are not, but we are not in this fantasy land where you just get whatever you want. You cannot do it constantly.

“It looks like there are four clubs in the world who can do it constantly -Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City and PSG. Whatever they need, they do. You cannot compare that. That is the situation.”

“It is not a criticism. I know how people will take it, that I am jealous or whatever. I am not at all jealous.”

“This year is not the end of Liverpool FC. Next year there will be another transfer window. This team is really good and we have
invested a lot in it. Now we have to work with that”

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