Little Girl Who Was Born With Backward Legs Takes Her First Step



3 years old little girl Victoria komado was born with a congenital deformity called Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia which result in backward legs.


Victoria’s family were once told by the doctors that the only way to correct victoria’s leg was to amputate both legs.

luckily for them, a surgeon in Florida Dr. Dror Paley told them that her left leg could be fixed and her right leg be fitted with a prosthetic leg.

$235,000 was raised by kind hearted people for Victoria and her family to travel to America for her treatment.

Victoria had her first nine hours of surgery, She underwent another operation after series of treatments and therapy. The 2nd surgery was to fuse the bones in her left legs together.

Victoria can walk now, everyday she gets better, Happier and stronger.

According to Dr. Paley, he said he is very happy, because him and his team successfully operated on Victoria as they have promised her family. She can now walk, run and do so many things all by herself.

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