Japan Top Tourist Attractions All Backpackers Need to Explore

Get your bags packed for a fun filled adventurous getaway, Let’s Explore Japan! There are lots of things to do in Japan, lots of amazing places to visit, historic experiences, tastes of yummy traditional cuisines and wonderful shoping spree. ..

Here are my top list of Beautiful Places To Visit In Japan

.Long! Longer! ! LongestJapan best places to visit

pic & video© IG @Longest_harajuku

This is a shop where you can experience the best in Japan. This shop is located in at Harajuku Takeshita street. They are known for their long delicious deserts like soft long ice-creams, Cotton Candy, Sliced Fried Potatoes and others. Their foods are the longest in Japan each, available in three sizes referred to as Longer! Longer Longest!



. Mount FujiMount Fuji in japan

japan’s highest mountain peak that towers 3,776 meters. UNESCO recognized it’s significance in 2013. People Climb Mount Fuji during Pilgrimage


.Shirakawa – Go

This is a unique small village in central Japan. Residents build houses with very thick steep roofs, because of the extremely cold winter and snowfall in the little town. There are lots of traditional charming farm houses made of wooden frames and thatched roofs. The whole village is covered with snow during winter making it a magical little town. 


.Historic KyotoHistoric Kyoto japan

The city of Kyoto is the most visited city in Japan. It is a big cultural center that has museums and art galleries. In it are Nijo Castle, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

There are many beautiful and condusive Hotels to stay in Kyoto 

1.Hotel Kuu Kyoto 

2. Enso Ango

3. The Royal Park Hotel Kyoto Shijo 

4. Kyoto U – Bell Hotel

5. Ana Crowne Plaza Kyoto

6. Kyoto Granbell Hotel 

7. The Thousand Kyoto. 


.Jigokudani Snow Monkey ParkSnowmonkey japanSnowmonkey japan

This is one the most stunning places to visit during your Japan trip. It is located in Negano Prefecture of Japan. It is very amazing to watch the Snow Monkeys as some of them chase each other, sleep, play together, Cuddle and relax in the water. Winter is the best time to watch and photograph these cute Snow Monkeys as they are covered in snows.

.Osaka CastlesOsaka castle in japan

Osaka Castle is a fairytale like castle. It is located at Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan. The Castle and the surroundings is free to visit unless you want to enter inside the castle. It covers about two square kilometers with lots of green space, sport facilities, a shrine dedicated to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a multi purpose arena. People from different part of the world pay a visit to Osaka Castle for different purposes such as Paying Respects, Appreciate Nature or Learn Japanese History. Visitors can also take a short boat ride.

.Shinsaibashi, OsakaMarket hub in japan

Shinsaibashi is a central shopping hub of Osaka where you can find almost everything you want. You can find world popular brand name shops and other variety shops. Its fun to shop and walk around Shinsaibashi.

.Kiyomizu – deraKiyomizu dera in japan

Here at Kiyomizu, a priest guides international sightseers on a special tour around the place. He takes them to visit traditional buildings & historic spots while teaching them the traditional stories of the temple origin & history. Source http://kiyomizudera.or.jp/en/

.Himeji CastleHimeji castle in japan

Himeji Castle is a breathtaking architecture which was greatly fortified during the Feudal Period, to defend against enemies. It is popularly known as “White Egret Castle” and is often seen in domestic foreign movies like.


.Tsukishima Monja StreetMonja street japan

If you want to have a taste the real Japanese traditional food, visit Monja street. Monja is a name of a local dish in Tokyo. foreigners might not really like the look of the dish at first sight but Monja is very appetizing with amazing taste. Monja street is where many monja restaurants are located.


. VR Spots shinjuku Vr Spot japan

VR is one of the most coolest entertainment tool in the world. The biggest VR entertainment facility spot is located in Shinjuku area. Thereover you can find different types of VR activities like Ghost in the shell, Mario Kart and many others.


Other holiday hot spots in Japan are

.Matsumoto CastleCastle in japan

.Okinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa aquarium japan

.Shibuya Center Gai, TokyoShibuya center japan

.Kanazawa: Marsh of GoldKanazawa japan

.Naoshima Art IslandNaoshima art island japan

.Gion, KyotoGion Kyoto japan

.Arashiyama Bamboo Groove, KyotoArashiyama bamboo groove

.Sapporo HokkaidoSapporo Hokkaido japan

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