Japan Gripped by A deadly HeatWave : 11 Dead, 5000 Hospitalized

Japan heatwave

Nearly 6000 people were hospitalized while 11 lost their lives as a result of a deadly heatwave in Japan. Some of the victims who were badly affected requires a long term stay in the hospital while others with less severe symptoms requires shorter stay.

Among the 11 dead people was 28-years old, who died as a result of from heatstroke in Hirakata Park, Osaka on Sunday, after he danced for 20 minutes while wearing a 16kg (35lb) outfit. The man was said to have dressed in a mascot costume at an amusement. The park has therefore cancelled all mascot costumes events in response to this unfortunate incidence.

On Tuesday, temperatures continued to soar, according to weather official s, temperature will be higher than average within the week and upcoming week. There people are advised to take a preventive measures to avoid heatstroke and other heat related illness.

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