Is Your Love Life Falling Apart, Here are 10 Most Effective Ways To Save a Relationship






When you and your partner first  get together , everything  is  cool and exciting.  You overlook the annoying things the other person does.  After some time, nagging starts to crawl in, instead of hearing, “You look so good,” you might start to hear stuffs like “Why are you still on bed?” “What is the meaning of that crap you just said to me”. If this sounds like your relationship, then you two need to understand things have changed. To save your relationship, you have to Identify the things you both did in the beginning of the relationship which created the attraction in the first place.

Here are Ways You Can Build a Long Lasting Relationship


  • Start Over Again.

Starting all over again, is a chance to build something better this time. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you want to start over, both of you will have to work on this. Act like strangers and fall in love again. It won’t be so easy, but if you both make a commitment, it will be possible. Forgive each other, Forget the past and start the flirtation.  Focus only on the special things that keep you both really close and relearn to put hate and unimportant things aside.  Be patient, It will take some time.


  • The Power of Loving Touch.

When was the last  time  you  walked  up  to  your  mate  without any reason and affectionately placed a kiss on their neck or massaged their shoulders? not in a sexual way, but affectionate way. Play with your mate’s hair, plant a soft kiss on their neck, forehead or lips, rub their hands, or give a gentle back rub. This will make a huge difference in the intimacy between you and your mate you know. If you are sitting in  the  car or standing  in  line  at  the theater, quietly reach over and take their hand. You might just get a strange look of curiosity at the first time, it’s absolutely normal.


  • Create Some Space.

Every relationship needs space so the heart can grow fonder. Spending quality time together with your mate is a great thing to do, but it is also important to give each other some space to do something they like. if you like to go to see a movie at the cinema, but your  mate  would  rather do  something  different, encourage each other to take time apart to enjoy preferred activities. You will fail this relationship building practice, if you try to drill them, to see what they did, whom they were with, and where they went. Trust have to come first, before a relationship can work.


  • Doing The Unexpected.

The Unexpected can change the face of your relationship to a positive one. When rebuilding a relationship, please, let go of boredom. Take the chances and do the unexpected. If Your mate normally love to just sit for hours on a Sunday afternoon, watching football or a movie, don’t hate them for it, fix some snacks and a cool drink and join them on the couch. When chatting with them, stop and give them a soft kiss, say, “I love you,” and then keep chatting. Surprise them with new stuffs they like. If your mate loves professional wrestling, buy some tickets ahead of time,  getting  the  best  seats  possible. Insist on taking your mate out on that day, when asked where you are going, simply answer, “I have a surprise for you. I know you enjoy watching professional wrestling so I purchased two great seats for tonight’s performance,”

That cool idea of you getting the tickets for something they love and keeping it as a special surprise will greatly melt their heart!


  • No Nagging.

Learn not to argue every other day, you are in a relationship and not a debate team. Arguments leads to nagging which is very unhealthy for a relationship to last longer. If you and your partner have differences in opinion on a certain subject, learn to avoid that subjects entirely. Once you identify new topics that could cause you to nag or argue, stop the conversation before it even gets started.


  • Cheer Up.

When you are going through some bad moment in your love life, there is a tremendous amount of tension. In situations like this, learn to cheer up. To start the process of tension breaking, do not take every glance or comment as a big issue. If your mate makes  a  mistake, learn to always let  it  go and lighten up.



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