How to Stop Bed-wetting – Natural Home Treatments



Bedwetting, also known as Nocturnal Enuresis, refers to an unintentional passage of urine during sleep.

Bedwetting is very common in children.  They can outgrow it without any form of treatment, It is rarely a serious problem.

If Bed-wetting is Much of a Concern to You, Especially Adults, then here are effective remedies to Stop it.


1. Eat walnuts.


eating two walnut few minutes before going to bed may prevent bed-wetting.

2. Drink cranberry juice.


Cranberry juice contains antioxidant contents which  fights bladder infection and UTI, and can also preventing bed-wetting.
Take six oz. of cranberry juice 1 hour before going to bed

3. Do bladder exercises. 

Bladder exercise increases bladder capacity and stretches the muscle that controls the release of urine from the bladder.
Tighten the pelvic muscles for 8 to 10 secs, release for 3 to 5 secs and repeat the exercise 12 times. Anytime you feel the urge to urinate, hold off urinating for 10 mins. This can stop unintentional release of urine during sleep.

4. Eat cinnamon.

Cinnamon has been used as a remedy for bed-wetting for a long time. Avoid consuming large quantity of cinnamon during pregnancy.

5. Massage abdomen with olive oil.

Olive oil massage helps to strengthen the urinary bladder and helps in proper blood circulation.

Heat some olive oil, when it is a little warm, rub it over the bed wetter’s (child or adult) lower abdomen and gently massage the area for few minutes.

6. Take mustard seeds. 

Mustard seeds can control bed-wetting. Add two teaspoons of mustard powder in a glass of milk and drink.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Bed-wetting can be caused by Imbalance in the body’s acidity. Apple cider vinegar helps to stop bed-wetting issues, because it equalize the pH level and allows the body to effectively cleanse itself.

Mix one teaspoon apple cider vinegar into 3-4 ounces water. drink 3 times daily before meals.

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