How to Spot a Lying Lover

If you actually want to know if someone is lying to you, the easiest method is to check their body language. It takes a professional liar to look you straight in the face and remain coordinated when lying to you.

A guilty person always tries to get defensive. Check the gestures and expression, if it doesn’t click with the dialogue, then he or she maybe lying to you. If the person avoids eye contact, it shows insincerity.

Note that some Some of the behaviors listed here must not necessarily mean your lover is lying. People who are shy, nervous and easily frightened can find it difficult to defend themselves . It is important to study your lover’s behavior before judging him or her.

Here are Major Signs That He or She Maybe Lying to You

1. Using humor or sarcasm to cover up his or her lies.

2. When they constantly touches the nose while talking

3. He or she lacks coordination because they are trying so hard to defend themselves.

4. Be aware of eye movement. They try as much as possible to avoid eye contact.

5. Liars tries to go on and on to get you to believe them.  They create too many details.

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