How To Fix a Broken Relationship

It’s upsetting when your once happy relationship takes a wrong turn. It’s never too late to fix your broken relationship.


However, before you do anything, ask yourself if you really want your partner back. If it is worth it, then try to fix things back in place. The reason you’re rebuilding a broken relationship is that you either need something or care about the person.

How to fix a broken relationship


These are some of the simple, yet effective ways in which you can fix your broken relationship.

Forgiving your partner, sincerely.

You may never be able to fix your relationship if you don’t forgive your partner. Take your time and think of the problem over, speak to your partner directly about it, initiate a Friendly and Polite Dialogue.

Forgive them and don’t try to bring the issue up ever again.
If you are the one responsible for what’s happened, you need to own it. Take the heat for what’s happened and ask for his/her forgiveness. It’s not going to be so easy , but with time, your effort will fix things.

Remind yourself of Your Partner’s good qualities.

If you are going through a bad moment in your relationship where you’re unhappy with your partner for some reasons, try to remind yourself of their good qualities, think of the good old times you spent together. This will help you realise that the relationship is worth working on. Not everyone can be a perfect partner, we all have our shortcomings. Your partner might be guilty, but you too are not entirely innocent.


Always accept responsibility, even if you don’t believe you were at fault. When you take responsibility for everything, it changes how you approach and fix the unfair circumstances in your life.

Accepting responsibility will help you bridge the gap between your perceptions and help settle issues.


 Go out of your way to do those nice things you haven’t for a while .

Flowers, chocolates, small notes, movie tickets or favourite game show, like nothing is too much or to small really. surprise your partner for no reason at all.  Surprises communicate how much you care, it also add spark to your relationship.


In summary, consider if it’s worth it to work for the relationship in spite of whatever hardships might present doing so. If it is worth it, seek help from someone who will help you work through your issues with expertise. If you don’t have the means to get couple’s therapy, try doing easy things that might be fun for both of you. This will greatly help since you both will be presented with lots of opportunities during your time together to fall in love with each other again.

Don’t be afraid to fix your failing relationship, but in all, remember that it’s up to you to decide if you really want to be in this or any other relationship at all.


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