How To Effectively Straighten Bowed Leg Without Surgery

Genu Varum also known as Bowleggedness, is a condition in which the knees stay apart with feet and ankles together especially when they are standing

If your knees slightly bend outward when you are standing normally, you have Bow legs. Genu Varum in adults can cause knee pain.

While some of this bow legs needs surgery, Sometimes, this condition might just be corrected naturally with some hip and knee excercise especially If it’s caused by tight hip muscles.  Some exercises can strengthen the muscles so your knees can be pulled into place and stretch the muscles that are pulling them out.

This exercises helps to fix the bowed knees by bringing your knees inward and closer to each other. Do not push the exercises too hard and also avoid workouts that are very painful to the hips or knees.

Here Are Some Hips & Knee Exercises That can Effectively Fix Bow Legs.  

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1. Roller Foam / Rolled Up Towel Toe Touch

Knee Exercise


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This type of Exercise works by pulling your knees in. Hold a rolled up towel between your legs as you stand, let your feet be a few inches from each other and squeeze the rolled up towel between your legs. Keep your needs straight and bend forward to touch your toes. Go as low as you can and come back up repeat this 8-10 times

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2. Toes-In Squat

With this type of exercise, you get to use the muscles on the inside of your thigh more than the muscles on the outside to squat. Stand with your feet three inches apart and turn your toes in towards each other your big toe touches. Squat down as much as you can and reach your arms straight forward to maintain your balance.

For More Detailed Bow Leg Exercises With Video Steps

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