How to Build Self Confidence When You Have None

When you have self confidence, Everything seems easier. Self-confidence is like a solid foundation for living a life of happiness and accomplishments. Your belief about yourself determines your behaviors and achievements. When you build self confidence, you will enjoy every good benefits that comes with it. 

Self confidence

Self-confidence makes life more easier, it  gives you the power to change your life. keep pushing, one day you will break that stumbling block. 

Ways to Build Self Confidence in the Midst of None

1. Try to Make a Difference No Matter How Little

 There are lots of simple things you can do that can make a difference. Change some certain things about yourself, Maintain high self esteem , work on your appearance and look your best. wear a smile, it makes you beautiful.

2. Self Affirmations 

Change every negative thoughts about yourself into positivity, you alone can create a positive version of yourself . Work on this and you will feel good about yourself. Believe you are amazing in your own way and no one can be better than you, you can make it with more efforts and time only if you try.


3. Volunteer or Charity Work

You will feel more good and fulfilled when you know you can help others. Don’t stay indoor and wallow in self pity, loneliness can lead to depression and anxiety. Step out of your home and do something for people. Make new friends and share experiences with them, this can help build your self confidence.

4. Challenge Yourself to a Goal and Achieve it

When you are successful, you build more self confidence. Set a little goal and strive to achieve it, you will be happy when you succeed and you will have greater confidence to go for a bigger goal. There is nothing you can’t do, it only takes more efforts and time.

5. Always Be Prepared

never hurriedly leave things undone, everything you do in life, take your time and prepare your self mentally and emotionally. You will be more confident when you know you are well prepared. E.g if you have a date or meeting with someone, consider the kind of occasion it will be and wear clothes that fits the occasion, look yourself in the mirror and and make sure you are satisfied with your looks. It will help keep you relaxed all day.

6. Spend Time With People That Encourages You

You must not have many friends to live a better life, just few good friends are enough to push you to success. Be with friends that encourages you, support you and can influence you positively.

 7. Never Compare Yourself to Others.

Everyone is created in his or her own uniqueness. Never compare yourself to others, there is something in you that they crave to have. Never compare yourself to others, you may not know what they are going through. Compare yourself to yourself, to who you were yesterday, focus on your own progress and not others. How far have you gone over the years, how successful have you become in last two years.. This are questions you should ask yourself and then work on building a better you. You can be whatever you want to be, only believe, be patient and work hard.

You are an amazing being, do not let anyone make you think otherwise

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