How to be Irresistible to Men / 5 Attraction Rules to Trap your Man.

If you want to be irresistible, you have to know the attraction rules.  You need to be so tempting that your partner just can’t resist you even if your relationship has been on for so long.

How to be irresistible to your man



Be irresistible enough in such a way that he can’t get enough of you. Men care less about your physical appearance, but more about how you carry yourself, your poise, your energy, your sense of humor. These are the the qualities that draw men to you more than a perfect body or face.

If you want the force of attraction between you and the partner to remain as strong as it was when you first met, then try this tips here.


1. Make him feel desired.

One of the things to do if you want to make yourself irresistible, is to make your man feel wanted. Always ask about work and how he is faring, send him cute romantic messages and don’t forget to praise him, say nice things about what he wears or his body and how much he means to you, play with him when you both are together.  This are stuffs he won’t be able to resist.

If he feels desired, he’ll keep coming to you, unless he never truly loved you.


2. Love yourself, Be Confident.

Remove inferiority complex when it comes to keeping a man for a very long period of time. Love your body enough to believe that he wants you just the way you are.

A confident lady is crazy sexy. Not only do men see you differently and you see yourself differently as well. When you are very confident, you set higher standards for yourself and stop settling for guys that don’t fit what you want in an ideal mate. This can help you find the right guy for the rest of your life.

Men love smart and confident partners and always find them irresistible.


3. Dress Smart and Sexy.

Learn to dress smart and sexy even when you are at home with your partner.

Get yourself a new hairstyle, put on eye liners, they can actually do wonders to your eyes, giving it sparks and making you look hotter.  Wear a mild shade of lipstick, don’t use heavy makeups. Keep it simple and cute.

While you put a lot of energy into choosing the right outfit and putting on makeup don’t overlook the irresistible attraction your scent can create. Vanilla, Rose oil and Fruit scents are all very appealing to men. Find a female fragrance you enjoy smelling on yourself.

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4. Don’t be clingy

To be irresistible, start being independent.

Being Independent keeps you busy. You don’t need to pretend you have plans, you are actually busy and you have trouble fitting him in. Having an independent life means you fill your life with activities you enjoy.

Don’t give them up when you meet a man…especially because your independence will be the thing that draws him to you! Being idle makes you look pitiful and too clingy.

If you’re too clingy, then you’re that kind of person who gets obsessed with people or your partner. you’re likely to call your partner constantly, ask to hang out all the time, and feel abandoned or angry anytime he fails to do stuffs exactly the moment you want him to. If your partner has ever  asked you to give them space, then you need to work on your approach to relationships so you can be less clingy.

Clinging to people cannot make them be more loyal to you, it is likely to push them away. Take baby steps that make you feel more open to trusting people without being by their side all the time.

Love him enough to make him see you as irresistible but still give him the space he needs.



5. Smile a Lot!

laughter is a huge component of attraction, Humor is super attractive. Men love women who smile a lot and can laugh at their jokes. Smiling makes you look super attractive and irresistible.


Be you, be authentic, Reveal your own inner beauty and poise, be yourself. You might draw men when you try to be someone else, but you will have a hard time keeping them, because it’s impossible to keep pretence up for long.

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