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Sometimes in life, you pass through difficult times,you limp on but everything seems harder. You feel your strength is gone.

Many days you wake up desolate and you feel no value in starting the day, Sometimes life appears more than you can bear. I know is tiring to hold on for so long, but do not throw away your confidence, one day you will be greatly rewarded.

How to Improve Your Mental Strength in the Midst of Life Struggles

1. Have your Set Objective –

What are you aiming at? it’s very important you state your objectives or what you are aiming at. Endeavor to put it in black and white so as not to be a dream or mere idea.


2. Effective Planning –

When you must have put the objectives in black & white, you state out means and pattern of achieving the objectives.


3. Identify the Risk Factors –

Life is all about risk. You run, you risk to fall. you eat, you risk to choke, but we still do it despite the risk. Risk is inevitable, therefore it is necessary to identify the possible risks you might come across while acting out your strategies.


4. Mitigating the Risk Factors

Having identified the possible risk you may encounter, it’s also important that ways of tackling them be outlined.


5. Avoid Distractors

Have confidence in yourself, don’t allow people to discourage you. You will hear tales of woes, see things that are disheartening and have so many disappointments. In all, don’t get discouraged, they are mere distractors.


6. Be Focused, be persistent, be dogged and militant in your pursuit.

There comes a time when you do everything you know how to do, yet you don’t see positive changes. This is where many feel like giving up. What if your breakthrough will come tomorrow and you give up today, you would have missed your lucky day and not even know it.

I really do not know how much longer your struggles or difficulties will last, but I know that tomorrow will be great. Tomorrow never stops coming, one day your luck will shine.

According to Harriet Beecher Stowe “When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, Never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn” Get yourself inspired by listening or reading life stories of people who has already passed through some thorns to get where they are today. It will greatly motivate and guide you in taking positive steps.

When things get tough, always remind yourself that there was darkness before the dawn. Explore new things, relate with people, do the things you love. The world is a battlefield filled with thorns, Among the thorns, there are still roses. The ability to overcome this thorns, makes life a blissful one.

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