Health Benefits of SoyBean – Healthy Living Through The Right Diet

Health benefits, Soybean in a sack

Soybean has many health benefits which you might not know about, It contains more calcium than milk and more proteins than meat. Soybean is nature’s richest source of proteins, minerals and vitamins, It also reduces cholesterol in the body.

It doesn’t contain Sodium (a mineral that causes fluid retention in the tissue), therefore very good for the heart.

To best way to enjoy Soybean is to prepare a homemade soymilk, right here is the simple Method of Preparation

.Soak the soybeans for 3-4 hours

. Wash in a clean water to remove it’s coat. 

.Grind in a sharp blade blender

.Dilute the blended Soybeans with enough water and Sieve out the milk with a seive.

.Boil the Soymilk for 35-40mins and allow to cool and add sugar or honey.


 Health Benefits of Soybeans 

1. Treats High Cholesterol – Soybean contains phytosterols which helps in blocking the absorption of the cholesterol and reducing it’s level in the body

2. Lowers the Risks of Heart Attack – Soybean contains Phytoestrogens contents which prevents the hardening of the arteries and prevent blood clots.

3. Reduces Menopausal Disorder –Soybeans contains Isoflavones that is similar to Estrogen which reduces menopause disorder. It maintains hormonal balance and regulates menstrual cycle.

4. Reduces Osteoporosis –

Osteoporosis is a loss of calcium through the urine. Proteins such as soybean reduces urinary loss of calcium.

5. Strengthens the Hearth – 

It helps to boost good blood flow to the heart, thereby prevents strokes.


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