Greatness In Smallness, The Power of little beginning


Starting small, promotes the air of humility. Everyone has a great future, take a step now and start from where you are and with what you have.

  There is joy in watching yourself grow. Great things are basically hidden in small things, exploit the little things available to you. Do you know that because of the desire to start big, many beautiful and big dreams have been unfulfilled and stagnated?

You know what happens when you despise the seed, basically you will never get to the forest or plantation. What you ignore today, is what will take you to the next level. The small seed is what grows to become a big tree with lots of fruits.

If you want to achieve greatness, think big but start small with any resources you have. You don’t climb a ladder from the top, but from the button. Have you heard how Cable Network News Started? Now let me tell you.

Cable Network News (CNN)  which was founded by Ted Turner, started in just a small room. If Ted turner ignored the power of little beginning, CNN might not be in existence. What about Bill Gates who pursued his dreams with only 200$. If he had misused that money, he wouldn’t be branded a multi billionaire today. The power of little Beginning…

Do you intend starting an office in a mall building with air conditioner, modern funitures and computers which will definitely cost you so much money.  You intend to start a fashion store with the latest designer clothing, jewelries and makeups when you know you don’t have enough capital for such expenses. You fold your hands and wait til you save enough money to start that very way you want it.

Please stop! it will only kill your vision. Start now with the little capital you have. Instead of designer clothings, why not go for regular fancy and cheaper clothing which you know more people would end up buying. Not everyone have the capital to shop designers anyways. Rent a small shop and start up from there, with time things will fall in place. You will gradually get to that stage you’ve always dreamt about.

Small beginning is an evidence of good planning. Do not wait to start, Start immediately with whatever you have.

Don’t let challenges scare you. When you start small my friends, it eliminates that fear of challenges. In the stage of progression, it toughens you, because you’ve passed through many challenges before getting to the top. Your mental capacity is also well developed through the stages of your growth.

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All those wealth you seek is tied to what is available to you just that you have failed to realize it. There is power in what you own that you are neglecting.

Also bear it in mind that you are not permitted to start small and remain small, you need to have something reasonable and substantial to show. The key factor to this growth is called Passion.

You need to have a passion for your vission. You must go for what you are passionate about and not because others are doing it. If you have a passionate urge to do stuffs, it will be much easier for you to be successful than those ones you have no passion for.

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Cheers to your Success


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