Funny Pictures of Expectation VS Reality

Here are reality vs expections funny pictures around the net

1. Funny pictures of what I ordered… what I got.

Funny pictures


2. Yummy looking burger I ordered online / what I got

Funny pictures


3. Slim fit long tank top / what I got

Funny pictures


4. The wedding cake we ordered vs the cake we picked up.

Funny pictures


5. When I ordered for a cake with Unicorn on it / what I got

Funny pictures



6. Over sized dress I bought / what was sent to me.

Funny pictures




8. My expectations when I don’t visit Facebook for 1 week / what I see ..

9. My Online shopping and What I got.


10. My makeup expectation and what I look like.


11. At Gym


12. How I wake up


13. When you cut your hair

14. New Year’s Resolution


15. When making out with my Boyfriend


16. Typing Lol




17. Marriage expectation vs reality





18. What I ordered / what was delivered

Funny pictures

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