Fun Ways to Show Someone You Love Them


Love is a beautiful thing and one of the most astonishing feelings but it’s beyond saying the three letter word “I Love You”.

When you love someone, your action speaks louder than your word, you would do anything and everything in your capability for them. The feeling should come naturally, you don’t need to go out of the way to show your love. Simple things matters a lot.

Here are easy and effective ways to show someone you love them

1. Remind them that they are very important in your life. Use words like, I miss you, you’re special to me. Love


2. Spoil them with your attention and presence. Love


3. Sing their favourite songs with them occasionally. Love


4. Don’t ever ignore their calls, if you are busy, leave a short message for them. Love


5. Respect their decisions and opinions. Love


6. Help them achieve their dreams. Love


7. Listen to them and be on their side whenever they have a bad day.


8. Never judge them for their flaws. Teach them stuffs you think they ain’t doing right.


9. Show interest in what they love. Love


10. Tell them something you love about them.


11. Surprise them with little treats or unexpected gifts.

12. Show concern for them and their families.

13. Watch them dress up and tell them what you love about how they look.

14. Kiss and hug them when they are not expecting it.

15. Set up a romantic dinner at home at least once in a month.


16. Hide little love note where they can find them, before you leave for work.


17. Surprise them when they come home with their favourite stuff like food.

18. Don’t make them feel less important, talk respectfully to them.

19. Forgive them when they do something wrong, never you hold grudges.



20. Let them be themselves, it makes them feel more relaxed when they are with you.

21. Hold their hands when you are walking in public.


22. Go for a driving together.

23. Introduce them to your family and friends, it makes them feel more safe around you.

24. Show them you are always proud of them.

25. Shop for them once in a while

26. Help them out in some house chores like cooking and arranging the house.

27. Prove to them you will always be there for them no matter the condition

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28. Give them enough of your time.

29. Show appreciation for the little things they do.

30. Don’t fail to write a good morning and good night text even if you are together

31. Smile at them whenever you make an eye contact.

32. Drink or enjoy a movie together on the same couch or bed.

33. Always tell them you love them no matter the time or day.

34. Praise them when they do something good or different.

35. Advice them when they don’t do things the right way like “ it would be better if you do it this way”.

36. Make them feel safe around you.

37. Leave some romantic text messages for them when you are at work. This shows you still love them even in your busy schedule.

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