Fastest Ways to Reduce Belly Fats/Healthy Lifestyle



1. Crunches : Exercise to reduce Belly fatspic© verywellfit

This type of exercise burns belly fats faster.

2. Rolling Side Planks :<Exercise to reduce belly fats©menshealth

This exercise works the muscles around your abdomen, lower back and Hip.

3. Stomach Vacuum : Exercise to reduce belly fats © npr

Another great exercise to reduce belly fats faster. It is a great way to strengthen your abs.

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4. Bending Side to Side Exercise to reduce belly fats © menshealth

5. Jogging : Exercise to reduce belly fats faster © gfycat

This is an aerobic exercise that is extremely helpful for fighting obesity.

6. Lunge Twist Exercise to reduce belly fats faster



1. Take 2 Glasses of Lukewarm Water mixed with honey & Lemon an hour before breakfast

2. Take dinner and Ginger tea 4 Hours before sleep

3. Drink green teas which helps to flush out unwanted fats from the body.

4. Skip takeaways and fast foods, go for Raw veggies, fruits, nuts and other fat burning veggie fruits like tomatoes, cabbage, ginger.

5. Avoid sugary drink rather go for water it will immediately quench your taste for sugary drinks. Sugar is one the things you should greatly avoid if you want to loose belly fats

6. Do not eat with water unless you are choking. Drink water at least an hour before and after each meal.

7. Include healthy fats in your diets like coconuts, Avocados and olives.

8. Dont skip breakfast since it increases bloating and activates starvation modes which leads to abdominal fat gain.

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