Facebook Set to Shutdown Hobbi, A New Pinterest Like App


Hobbi App is a photo-sharing app where you can “capture and organize your creative contents. According  Techcrunch , the app organizes photos of projects into collections so users can track their progress over time. Hobbi is more like an editor and organizer than any sort of new social network.

It lets users save photos of projects and organize them into visual collections.


Facebook after testing out Hobbi, a pinterest like competitor app, has quietly taken the app out behind the barn and shot it.

iOS app Hobbi which launched this year, was promoted as a platform for collecting, organising, and sharing photos of projects people are working on. Projects like cooking, DIY, baking, Fitness, Arts & crafts or home decor.”

This new app won’t be widely missed because, Users gave Hobbi fairly low ratings and disaproval at launch, for being unoriginal due to requiring users’ phone numbers. In the few months it’s been live on the U.S. App Store, hobbi  only gained 7,000 downloads, according to estimates from Sensor Tower. Apptopia also reported the app had under 10K downloads and saw minimal gains during May and June.

Hobbi’s few users have received a push notification telling them the app will shut down on July 10, Techcrunch reports.


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