Early Morning Rituals That Will Give You Energy And Peace

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It’s really a very special priviledge to wake up every morning. It’s another opportunity to live, to love, and be happy. Live the best out of it because you deserve to be happy .

Want to have a very creative, happy and productive day, this morning ritual will keep you going all day because positive attitudes creates a great day.


.Wash your face.Boy watching his face

When you wake up in the morning , first thing to do is to wash your face before you start any other activity.

Also brush your teeth immediately, It can add a little strength in you, make you feel a bit clean and  relaxed.

.Lemon Tea Woman making lemon tea

Lemon tea is a very good liver cleanser, it flushes out waste and toxins. It also aids in digestion. Lemon tea contains vitamin C with very low calories. For better taste of it, add honey and ginger, both which are extremely beneficial to health.

Lemon tea will help make you feel so refreshed and light all day.


 .YogaWoman doing yoga excercise

morning yoga will basically help warm up your body and mind. It helps You Focus Better in the day, boost your energy levels, keep your body fit and relieve your mind off stress.

Some of great morning yoga routine are Supine twist and cat-cow.


.Enjoy natureWoman feeling the beauty of nature

Sit close to the window where you can see the outside or sit at the garden. Gently close your eyes and enjoy the fresh smell with the feel of the early morning Dews, listening to the sounds of birds and beautiful flowers.

This is highly effective in refreshing your body and mind to think creatively and also encourage self reflection.


.Take a BathBoy enjoying the feel of water

Morning shower is a great way to ease stress, it helps give the body the oxygen it needs especially in the brain and improves blood circulation . It helps you enjoy the feeling of warmness. Warm water shower relaxes sore muscles.

After your bath, apply a little body cream gently all over your body as this helps to nourish your skin and prevent skin dryness.


.Eat Breakfast How to

Making breakfast gives our body the activity it needs. It can be fun to make it yourself. Eating breakfast gives our body the necessary energy and nutrients it needs in preparation for the day activities.

Prepare light breakfast like Yogurt Smoothie, Oatmeal With an Egg, Avacado Toast with Eggs, Peanut Butter and banana Smoothie, frozen nutty banana and other healthy breakfasts.


.Walk The DogHow to

Yeah, this is another great way to start the day, Dogs actually reminds you to step out. with a little work with your dog, you get to exercise some muscles without much stress.

It also helps us feel and appreciate gifts of nature and improves positive thinking.


.Make Your Bed, Clean Your HomeHow to

This is a very useful routine, that feeling of knowing you have a clean home to go back to after the day’s work, is just so relaxing and inviting.


.Call a Loved OneMan making a phone call

Call or send a text to a friend. Send a text to a long-distance friend, or call a family member.

Connecting with a friend or family member will help you feel loved and wonderful throughout the day.


.Self Affirmations Self affirmations of oneself

Before you step out to work, Stand in front of the mirror and say the affirmations that you need to hear.

These daily reminders will remind you of your worth and potentials.


.Pamper YourselfGetting a massage therapy

Visit the Spa and give yourself a massage therapy or beauty treatments, such as a facial or a manicure treatment.


.Listen To MusicWoman smiling and listening to music

Great music heals all hurts and strengthens the soul for the rest of the day.

Stay in a comfy spot and meditate to the music, build yourself a morning playlist.


.Read BooksMan reading a book

Spend some minutes in the morning reading motivational books, novels,  magazines. This improves imaginations, and creativity.

It helps you more rather than scroll through your phone.


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