Do’s and Don’ts of Every Relationships

Relationship Do’s And Don’ts

**For Both Parties

1. Don’t take each other or each other’s gestures of kindness for granted. Don’t buy into old-school values about the man being the worker and the woman being the homemaker, help each other out.



2. Never Criticize your Partner or loved one in public.Couple

This is not a way to grow in love, rather a major relationship killer.

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3. Always be open and up front with each other, talk things out. Couple

Try your best to not use each other’s weaknesses against yourselves in spats, and make sure to make up every night before going to bed, it’s very important.

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4. Laugh and joke together. Play is important.


5. Never say things in anger. If you are angry, go away, shut up. Come back when you are calm and can discuss what happened rationally.

Don’t scream or yell, it doesn’t help. Infact it can only hurt, because once you say something hateful or hurtful, you can never take it back and the other person can never forget it. No one can hurt you as deeply as your spouse, they know where all the tender spots are.


6. Always be working on a goal together, set a plan on how to get there.

Whether it’s saving money, buying property or taking a vacation.


**For ladies

1. Tell him what’s wrong, he can’t read your mind.

2. What ever his hobby is, learn to love it. If you don’t some other woman will.

3. Keep a neat house. Have a place for everything and put things back in their place after using them. Life is smoother when things are orderly.

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