Creamy Lemon Chicken and Pasta, Get The Recipe

Where are my fellow foodies? get in here for a mouth watering delicacy. Who else love food cos I do… I love Chicken, Pasta is cool. Eating the both in a creamy form makes it more interesting right….

You know I found this cool dish really cool and I thought I should share. Eating the both in a creamy form makes it more interesting right….

Here is the recipe of this Yummy Food, Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta. I’m Sure you will like it.



Seasonings, Chicken Limbs, All Purpose Flour, Butter, Cream/Milk, Lemon Juice, Parsley, Cheese, Pasta, Green peas,  Pepper, Garlic (optional)and Tomatoes.


How To Make

. Start by seasoning the flour, mix it with cheese.

.Season the Chicken with salt and little spices and steam for some minutes until slightly done.

. Coat The Chicken with the Mixed Flour and set aside.

.Cook your pasta and also set aside.

.Melt small butter and 2 tablespoon of olive oil in a saucepan

. Gently place the coated chicken inside the boiling oil and fry until a little brownish. Remove from oil and set aside.

.In the same oil,  pour lemon juice, cream or milk, little sliced tomatoes, green peas,  salt, pepper, seasonings, cheese and shredded garlic in the oil, mix together with a spoon and allow to Fry for few seconds. Thats all for your cream sauce.

.In a bowl, Mix the pasta with some cream soup. Sprinkle parsley and lemon fruit on top of it, add your fried chicken and pour a little amount of cream soup, sprinkle cheese and parsley again on it and top it with tomatoes.

Is that simple! !!

Creamy Lemon chicken pasta
Chicken creamy pasta pic ©IG the_wee_food_blogger

Looks yummy right, you too can try it. …




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