CoronaVirus disease (COVID-19) – Infection Prevention and Control

corona virus diseases


Coronavirus, is a new mutation of an old virus, it has much in common with the one that caused SARS.

COVID19 causes pneumonia, which requires assisted breathing through machines or using machines to oxigenize the blood in most severe cases. The virus is extremely virulent, which means that it is easy to transmit from one person to another. According to the recent data, it shows that one could be positive to COVID19 and still show no adverse effects for some days.


Most common COVID19 symptoms

This are the most common symptoms of the corona virus and can vary from patients to patients.

COVID19 symptoms are very similar to hayfever or common cold with some key difference.


1.COVID19 gives one a slight fever (37.5 °C) in the beginning of the illness.

2. COVID19 won’t give one a runny nose, the nose usually remains dry.

3. In more advanced stage, it causes dry cough,  begin the infection of the lungs and shortness of breath which can be very serious and fatal.


COVID19 becomes highly life threatning when it infects people who are already sick with other illnesses, because it can provoke a rapid deteriorating of the overall conditions. It is also very harmful for old people whose immune system is less responsive.


Cure for COVID19

The WHO has declared COVID19 a “pandemic”, thus shortening the time needed to develop vaccines, which normally should be tested first on animals and then on man before being administered.

There isn’t any specific cure as of now,  however, some good news are coming from China and Italy. A group of researchers from the University of Naples have continued the experimentation with an existing medicine used against arthritis, called Tocilizumab which seems to be effective against the pneumonia caused by COVID19, after its first uses in China. This medicine has been tested on four severely ill patients affected by interstitial pneumonia caused by COVID19, and three patients health, have significantly improved in 24–36 hours from the administration.

Roche, the company manufacturing this medicine, have stated that it would give the medicine free to the Italian hospitals which requested it during the COVID emergency.


If you think you have COVID19 symptoms, this are things you should do immediately


First of all, stay home and monitor your health constantly for a couple of hours or days, no need to panic. While you are at that, avoid interactions with others and stay away from crowds.

Do not stay close to others and do not shake hands. When you sneeze, cover your mouth with your personal face towel or tissue and not with your hand.

Call your personal or family doctor and explain your symptoms to him/ her. They will guide you on what to do in your specific case. The quarantine period should be at least 14 – 19 days according to latest news.


Ways you can protect yourself against COVID19

  1. If you have to go out to buy food stuffs and supplies, protect yourself by wearing a surgical mask and Stay away from large crowds or gatherings.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly for one minute with warm water and soap each time you go out. The COVID19 virus can be picked up on plastic and metalic surfaces with your hands, it remains active for several hours and could end up in your organism when you rub your eyes or eat with the infected hands. It is very essential to wash your hands thoroughly when you come home for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Some observations shows that COVID19 virus might be affected by warmth, as all virus of this kind are. This means that it would be nice to drink hot tea or cofee and plain warm water several times per day. The virus settles first in the throat, and taking warm things would have the effect of washing down the virus to your stomach, so you can digest it. Drink enough water and remain well hydrated as this can help make your immune stronger.
  4. Vitamin C helps to boost your immune and also help to oxygenate and purify the blood. Drink freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice everyday.
  5. Always keep your health in check. A good thing to do everyday is taking in a deep breath of air in the lungs and retaining it for as long as you can. If you can go as far as 20/30 seconds, you could be sure you are ok.

In all, always call a doctor incase of any noticeable symptoms.

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