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Diabetes control

Diabetes is caused by deficiency in secretion of insulin. Insulin enables glucose (food converted into a form of sugar) to leave the blood stream and enter the body cells where it is needed.

When there is deficiency of insulin, sugar builds up in the bloodstream and leads to diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes are

. FatigueDiabetes patient feeling tired

.Blurred Vision.Diabetes patient blurred vission

. Itchy and Dry SkinDiabetes patient dry skin

.Frequent Urination

. Loss of feeling in the feets and hands

. Extreme Thirst

 . Increased Appetite

Note that This symptoms doesn’t always mean one has diabetes. If you develop this symptoms, please consult your physician to get the right diagnosis.

Effective Ways To Control And Battle Diabetes

1. Healthy Nutrition –Diabetes healthy diets

Despite complications of diabetes, it can still be controlled, Diets low in all types of carbohydrates allows good blood glucose control. Legumes, Nuts and Whole grains are perfect diets for diabetic patients. Diabetics should avoid starch mostly from processed food, Eat whole wheat white bread instead of white bread.

Avoid Pastries such as Biscuits, Meat pie, Spaghetti, Cakes and all white products, also avoid fried foods, sweet drinks, honey, candies cooked carrots, potato chips and sweetened milk. Whole grains , Legumes and nuts which are all good do diabetes should be eaten in moderate.

E.g of Legumes are Soybeans, Groundnut, Cowpeas and beans. For Fiber intake, fruits and vegetables contains very large amount of fiber. Fiber slows down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, they are very good diet but should also be taken in small quantity especially Orange and Mangoes.

Chickens and turkeys are more preferable to red meat, boil them well before you eat, you can also skin them.  Soya Milk is a good substitute to cow milk, Fish such as tilapia, Crocker and mackerel are preferable than meat.

Fats from migraines and salad creams should be avoided completely, because they pose a lot of threat to diabetes. Peanuts and Avacado are safe fats, avoid honey and sugar. Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking, reduce sodium intake and always keep yourself hydrated with clean water.

2. Supplements –

Some natural supplements such as Alpha lipoid acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Omega6, Chromium Polynicotinate, VitaminC and Omega3 are all very helpful in controlling blood sugar.

. Alpha-Lipoid Acid is a powerful antioxidants which helps to lower blood sugar.

. Chromium Polynicotinate improves glucose tolerance.

. Vitamins helps to prevent cell damage.

*** Make sure to consult your physician about any supplements you want to take for more professional medical advice.

3. Exercise –

Exercise is very essential for diabetic patients because when you burn calories, it helps to prevent sugar from accumulating in the bloodstream. It also helps the muscle and joints to use up glucose from the bloodstream for energy which helps to reduce sugar level. Exercise controls weight which is very essential for diabetes.

Remember to consult with your physician before starting any exercise routine for more direction.

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