Bethenny Frankel Set To Give Free CoronaVirus Prevention Kits

Bethenny Frankel


Celebrity Bethenny Frankel is out to help out her fellow citizens. she is using her name and all her strength to help those affected by the reality of the Coronavirus pandemic.

What Exactly is she doing to Help?

Through the BStrong initiative and their partner, Global Empowerment Mission, Frankel is raising funds to put together what she calls “BStrong corona kits.”

BStrong corona kits will have all the essentials neccessary for families to prevent coronavirus.

Frankel shares. “We will give them masks and gloves and I’ve gotten hydration kits donated and antibacterial and sanitization wipes as well.” “Our goal is to create 20,000 kits,” she says.

BStrong is also raising money for cash cards to be distributed to parents who cannot afford to keep their children out of school and to help provide lunches. They have already raised $50,000, she says.

she decided to get involved when she saw what was happening to kids at her her 9-year-old daughter, Bryn’s school Manhattan.

She shares “The school has said that the parents can decide whether to take their children out,” “I realized that the reason that many public schools in New York aren’t closing is, because they serve as a shelter and daycare and meals for children.”

“That made me feel just so sad for people whose children are less fortunate and have to be at school even if the parents don’t want them to,” she says.

“I’m no expert on infectious diseases, but I am a mother and a New Yorker, and instead of living in my own anxieties and fear, I can help less fortunate parents in dealing with theirs,” she stated.

According to her, COVID-19 is a crisis. “Bstrong is an initiative for people in crisis”. “My place of yes is taking a terrible situation and finding my way to help — without blame or politics, we simply get involved and do our part.” she says.


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