Secrets Of 5 Women who Never Seem To Age

Top anti aging secrets of some of the world most beautiful women who looks 20 times younger than their real age is really inspiring. This secrets are worth trying out,  you would really be surprise knowing their real ages.

There is no escaping in getting old, it’s a call of nature and normal for our skins to lose its youthfulness as we age. The skin becomes drier and pale, but we can actually influence or slow the aging process by taking some vital actions.

1. Christie BrinkleyLaughing image of 65 years old Christie Brinkley

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     Christie’s glowing skin and young look makes people wonder if she is really up to her real age 65.

According to her, the secrets to being ever young, keeping fit and healthy life is simply her dogs named Chester and Marple. She says she starts the day with a short run along with her dogs as this works more leg muscles than treadmill. After the short run, She drinks a green smoothie by mixing avocado, one cup of orange juice, a cup of shopped Kale, half a lime juice, a half cup of coconut water and ice. One of her advice to older people is to adopt a pet since they will remind you to get outside. “my dogs are my personal trainers” she says.

She also says she drinks lots of water because it keeps her skin fresh all day. Another of her secrets is to keep her mind active by learning new things everyday like new languages, words or skills. For her skin, she always wears sunscreen, wash off her makeups every night to remove all the oil, dead cells and sweats that develops during the day.


2. Lucy Liu Young looking Lucy liu with a glowing skin

picture © slim celebrity

     50 years Lucy lui is one of world beautiful women who doesn’t look their age. She’s an Asian – American actress, producer/director and model. She says that one of things that keep her charming and healthy is that she likes to keep her skin very clean, uses just a little concealer and doesn’t sit in the sun. On how she stays fit, she says that running and Pilates helps to clear her mind and feel more confident. While exercising, she tries to avoid junk foods entirely.

For her diets, she usually have juice prepared with bananas and tomatoes. For breakfast, she takes burrito and spinach, fried egg and tomatoes. Then for dinner, she eats fish and salad or steamed vegetables, veggie pasta or veggie pizza.


3. Naomi Campbell

beautiful picture of Naomi Campbell

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48 years old Super model Naomi is another age slayer. Her beauty and anti aging secrets are very simple.

She likes to put a little shimmer in her eyes making it to look bright and alert. She doesn’t like to apply to much powder on her face when she makeup. She also moisturizes her body by creaming it twice a day,  according to her, she would never do face lift. Rather she uses tape.


4. ImanIman looking young in her modelling picture

picture © @THE_REAL_IMAN

     Iman is a 64 years old model. She loves to start the day very early with a good cleanse. She first drinks a glass of warm water with lemon, then lies down back for about 20mins. This act helps to clear her mind she stated. When she gets up, she drinks a cup of coffee. She loves to eat egg whites with tomatoes, spinach and scallions.

According to her, she joined aerobic classes at which she started at the end of her modeling career. This states that it’s never too late to start exercise. She adviced older people never to deprive themselves of anything, she says she eats everything she wants but in moderation. Iman likes to take vegetables few times in a week.


5. Jenifer Lopez  Jenifer Lopez looking all glammed

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      ageless J. Lo who is 48 years always finds keeping fit fun and interesting. Some of her favourite workouts are dance cardio, stair sprints and booty workouts.

She believes she is ageless by using the power of positive thinking to improve her self confidence. Jenifer also uses a facial product Sjal’s Saphire Concentrate, a facial oil that contains aquamarine. She eats very healthy diets e.g plenty of fruits and veggies, but tries to stay off from foods that contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Drinking lots of water is a habit to J. Lo. From her interview with Dr. Oh, she says she doesn’t drink alcohol, instead she drinks lots of water all the time and stays out of the sun.

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