7 TellTale Signs That Shows Your Man is Selfish in Bed

     Having a selfish lover can be a problem, that feeling of realizing you are always the one left hanging. When you don’t talk about it, it becomes a habit. Sex is a beautiful thing really, it has the power to bond and strengthen two people emotionally, but when one person completely or purposely ignore the other’s desire, then that person is a selfish lover. Some of the signs of selfishness we’d talk about here could also be caused by your Partner being sexually ignorant or inexperienced, so it is best you discuss it with your man before concluding he is selfish.
Here Are Some Tips on How to Spot a Selfish Lover.

1. He Doesn’t Care to Ask What You Like In Bed Couple Relationships

To experience more satisfying and pleasurable sexual intercourse, there is need to know what both of you want, certain positions and moves. This boost connection and interest between two people. An uncaring and selfish partner will never do this.

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2. He would ask for a foreplay but never gives her woman in return Selfish lover

Too many men are so ignorant about the fact that lots of women cannot finish easily without a foreplay, some of them are very much aware yet they tend to skip that part, because they are simply selfish and cares only about their own feelings.
He will make you massage him and work your hands tirelessly on him, but finds it difficult to do same to you. He uses lube gel when he senses you ain’t ready, because he doesn’t want extra work in making you wet and ready for sex

3. He Emotionally Blackmail You Into Having Sex With Him. Relationship

He expects you to be fine with having sex whenever he wants it. Lots of women are victims of this kinda selfish blackmail from their partner. In a quest to protect and make their relationships work, women tend to go extra length to do whatever thing their partner demand from them just to please him and not loose him. If your partner sulks or gets angry when you say no to sex, basically he is a very selfish type. He doesn’t care about your emotions, but what he stands to gain from you, He disrespects you and guilt you into sex. Such a man is not worth keeping, Sex should be enjoyed by two people involved and not otherwise.

4. He Sleeps off after sex Relationship

After he is done with having sex with you, he just rolls the other side and sleep off or press his phone. He is definitely not bothered if you finished fine or satisfied, he leaves you hanging when he has climaxed. You don’t feel any emotional connection with him.

5. He Only Needs Sex Not You. Relationship

He becomes overly nice only when he needs to satisfy his sexual urge, but becomes mean and unromantic After he must have satisfied his selfish interests, he might just try to bring up the reasons why you should leave his house the next hour or day.

6. He Doesn’t Try to Wait For You To Orgasm. Relationship

Very few women can climax without external stimulations, a woman’s body sometimes take little time to respond. To some men, nothing is important than their own pleasure. If your man doesn’t put in extra efforts to make you orgasm, then he is definitely a selfish type.

7. He Doesn’t Care About Your Own Desire. Relationship

A selfish partner doesn’t care about your sexual needs, He only responds to his own sexual urge. Its just all about his convenience

8. He loves it a Lot when you always compliment him but finds it difficult to do same for you.

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