7 Health Benefits of Plum Fruits – Healthy Living

PLUMS are juicy fruits packed with antioxidants & nutrients. They are fruits of the subgenius prunus of the genus prunus. 

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Plums can boost your immune system when consumed on a daily basis. This tasty wonderful fruit has a cancer preventing properties and boost energy, when fresh, it is called Plum and called Prune when dried.

Plum fruits
Red plums


Health Benefits Of Plums

  1. It is used as recipes for Plum jam, Plum Pickles & Plum wine.Plum fruits drink

  2. They are extremely low in calories, carbohydrate & fat making it good for weight loss.Plum fruits oat meal

  3. Dried Plums restores bone mass & prevents Osteoporosis (condition in which the bone becomes weak & brittle.

  4. It helps in blood circulation because it helps in production & absorption of iron.Benefits of plum fruits

  5. Black Plum seeds & leaves are used in treatment of diabetes.

  6. According to new research, Plums prevents the growth of Carcinogenic cells because of its anticancerous effects

  7. Plums are extremely rich in vitamin A & C, also high in minerals. It helps to boost the immune system & fight off infections.Benefits of Plum Fruits


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