6 Secrets to Self Discovery – The Confident Being

  • Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


    Have you ever wondered who you were and who you are becoming. Is there progression or you have remained the same all these years? Self discovery gives you access to who you are and exposes you to making right choices.

    There are Many unanswered questions we have about ourselves, that is why we often hear people say “I can’t believe I did this”. They do the act and then regret doing it.

    This 6 Timeless Self Discovery Secrets will help you to realize who you really are. 

    1. How Much Do You Know About Yourself


    You cannot know what you need or what you are capable of doing until you discover who you are. For Example: before you start searching for a screwdriver to loosen a bolt, you have to know if what you have is a star bolt or a flat bolt or else you will end up finding a flat screwdriver while what you have is a star bolt.

    Good knowledge of the self is very vital in our everyday lives, You have to gaze inward to discover yourself.


    2. What are Your Limiting Thorns

    Life is full of thorns which are in the way of things you want to achieve in life. You cannot know yourself too well until you know what cuts you short. That is why you see some people getting stuck in one place for a long time. What are those areas that are holding you from moving forward..

    E.G : You get your car stuck in the mud, since you can’t lift the whole car at once, you should check which of the tires is or are stuck. After you have discovered the tire that is causing the major problem, you can then use a wood and support it out of the mud. Sit down and meditate on what the blocking stone is, work towards eliminating the stones and move forward. If your past experiences are your limiting thorns that won’t let you to move forward, forget the past and embrace the future. Past experiences can persuade you away from something without you knowing it. 5-ways-you-can-improve-your-mental-strength-in-the-midst-of-life-struggles


    3. Know Your Direction

    This is another great step to self discovery. If you have no direction, you will have no destination. Lack of Direction exposes us to whatever comes our way because you have no idea which way to go.


    4. Discover Your Needs

    What you want is not really what you need. You may want many things, but your needs are essential. This are very vital things you really need as a person which will help you in becoming better version of yourself. For example, you work into a bookshop and you discover that there are so many romance novels you would want to read and you also like to read a particular motivational book you saw at the store. You want to buy the novels that interests you together with the motivational book and then you realize you don’t have enough money to buy all. That motivational book is your essential need, because is for the betterment of your life. Leave the irrelevant ones, they should be considered later. Discovering your true needs sets you on a clear path to success.

    5.Discover Your Strength

    Do you know that some gifted people never actually realized their true potentials. Lots of unsuccessful people today are not successful because they haven’t discovered their strength or what they are capable of doing. We all are gifted in our own special way and we can be great if we realize our potentials. Just be conscious of the fact that there is something inside you that needs to be discovered. We have hidden treasures in us, it takes committed efforts to realize it.
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  • .How do you realize this hidden treasures 

    Now think back to your childhood days, what are those things you enjoy doing. Do you still feel excited doing them? Do you enjoy singing as a child and you still love to sing up to this moment? Do you excitedly do a particular thing for hours forgetting you haven’t eaten? If your answer is yes, then it’s a passion and you need to discover it now. Excitement is a visible sign of inward strength, it’s a hidden aroma which leads you to greatness. Follow the aroma of excitement and it will lead you to its source. That is your hidden strength.

    6. Meet With The Right People

    Right people are like salt in a tasteless meal. They will help direct your steps, they will push you to do more. They are not there to impress you but to lift you. Remember that no man is an island. Do not occupy their spaces with toxic people who are only there to benefit from you and then leave when they feel you have nothing left to offer. Right people are your instrument to discovering your strengths. They will always encourage you to pursue greatness and motivate you to become better version of yourself. This set of people are willing to invest time and contribute resources such as wisdom, information, knowledge and experiences which helps to build you.

    I hope this important steps to self discovery helps you to discover who you really are and deposit lots of treasures in everything you do. Practice this and you will locate your hidden treasures and your true being
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