6 Effective Ways You Can Get a Man to Marry You




Have you been in a relationship for a very long time, yet you cannot get your man to propose marriage to you? If you find yourself in this situation, here are easiest ways you can get him to propose fast.


1. Don’t push him too hard.

You will look desperate if you keep pushing him to get married to you. This is a great turn off for most men and will make him run away from you. There are other ways you can make him propose and not look desperate.

Now, how do you do this?

Begin by talking about your future. It could be simple things such as, how many kids you would love to have with him, planning how you would want to make your money grow, or suggesting the safest place to raise kids together. This will give him an idea that you want a serious commitment and get him to think on the areas of marriage.



2. Talk about friends who are getting married.

Talk about friends wedding and honeymoon plans etc. When you do this more often during your discussion with him, it will serve as an indicator that you want to settle down too.


3. Do not be too Clingy, Give him some Space when he needs it.

Giving him some space sometimes, will make him miss you and want to propose fast. But, when you are always around him, he won’t really feel the need to take the relationship to the next step. Being available to him all the time can eventually lead to breakup at some point in time, because he might just get really fed up with your presense. Go out and have a fun time with friends, make your self a little scarce to him and he will be the one needing your presence more. This will make him to propose fast.


4. Begin to be independent and make him see that you are doing the things that he would normally do for you.

When this happens and he begins to questions you, Use the “we are not married” line at him. It’s might sound a little harsh, but it works.


5. Tell him You are moving.

Casually tell him you would love to move to another city to look for better career. If he truely love you, This should make him feel insecure and should prompt him to propose fast. If after telling him this and he still doesn’t make moves towards proposing or planning the future with you, then its time to wake up and take a look at your relationship if it’s worth waiting around or just simply move on with your life.


6. Tell Him Your Mind.

After doing everything you can to make him propose and he is still refusing to plan marraige with you, If you finally feel that your relationship is not worth waiting around for, then simply tell him your mind and let him know that despite loving him with everything in you, you are not going to wait around forever. If he loves you, he wouldn’t want to loose you and will jump into action from there.

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