The word GINGER came from the ancient SANSKRIT SINGABERA(meaning shaped like a horn). Ginger a mirracle herb as it is popularly called, has many healing benefits. It has been used for centuries to treat many ailments. it is one of the ancient spices worldwide with a powerful medicinal properties. Ginger is the root/rhizome of the plant known as ZINGIBER OFFICINALE. After many reserches and some personal experiences, I’ve been able to put together some powerful benefits of ginger you should know about..


1. GINGER STOPS HEART PALPITATIONS: Heart Palpitation is the sudden pounding or rapid heartbeat and can be scary or be of great concern. it is rarely a serious complication. it could be caused by certain medications, anxiety, excess caffeine use and excercise. if you notice a sudden rapid heartbeat, take a little ginger tea or eat few slices of ginger and get instant relief.



2. ECZEMA: Atopic dermatitis also known as Eczema, is a serious skin infection and can spread if not properly treated. It is very common and can affect people of all ages. It causes redness and itchy skin. There are so many steroidal cream and medicines used for the treatment of eczema, but if you want to go natural, then you’ll have to use home treatments. there are so many natural treatment of eczema like Turmeric, Aloevera, Rosemary Essential Oil and ginger. because ginger is known for its powerful anti inflamatory benefits, its a more preferable natural treatment. If the eczema is located in one or few spots, grind a raw ginger, mix it with water and make a paste. Then gently apply to the affected area, but if it is located at many spots, eat few slices of ginger or drink ginger water 3 times daily until the eczema is completely cured.



3. MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: Also known as DYSMENORRHOEA is a period pain that some women often complain about. Some take over the counter pain medication for relief but we don’t neccessarily have to always take drugs for every of our health issues. Some of this issues are caused by natural occurences, then why not go natural in treating them. Ginger is well known for its ability to eliminate pains. Just drink warm ginger water three times a day, then massage your lower abdomen with the extract and get the relief you need. It’s that simple.



4. HEADACHES, BODY PAINS AND ARTHRITIS: The anti inflamately properties of ginger helps to relieve pains associated with arthritis, general body pain and sooth headaches. It has been used in china for thousand years to cure pain. make a ginger compress, damp cloth in the compress and place on your forehead for the relief of headache. For body pain and arthritis pain, drink ginger tea.



5. BOILS: A boil is a skin that consists of puss as a result of bacteria infections. for effective treatments, prepare tumeric and ginger paste and gently scrub it on the boil. Allow it to dry and repeat till the boil is completely healed.
note* Another powerful method to treat a boil naturally is to put a raw onion in a boiling water or hot cooking oil for a minute and then place the onion on the boil spot for some minutes. It will draws out all the puss inside the boil and brings forth instant relief. Onion is nature antibiotic.



6. GINGER FOR DETOXIFICATION: Ginger tea cleanses the body systems and purifies the blood. It cleanses the liver, removes toxins and stimulates blood circulations.
Ginger can also be used for the relief of nausea and vomiting both in pregnant women.



7. COUGH, NASAL CONGESTION & SINUS INFECTION : Cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract infections which is caused by Corona and RhinoViruses. This condition normally results to Common Cold, Sore Throat, Sinuses & Nasal Congestions. Ginger with all its high medical, anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties is very effective herbal remedy to combat cough and sinuses. It helps in fighting free radicals that causes cold infections. Simply grate 2 inch fresh ginger root, pour very hot water in a bucket and pour the grated ginger in the hot bucket of water. Put your head very close to the top of the bucket(not inside the hot water) and then cover yourself together with the bucket with a large towel to prevent loss of vapor. Breath the vapor in for 5-6 minutes . This will get deep into your lungs and chest and open up the congested bronchial tubes. Use this method and also take hot ginger tea. Eat a little slice of ginger or sip a little honey for sore throat . This methods are also effective for warming u in a very cold weather. For Sinus Infections also known as Sinusitis caused by Cold, bacteria and allergies also take hot ginger tea 3 times a day.


** in the case of pregnacy or people with gallstones or on medication, make sure you consult your doctor before use. Don’t forget to drop your Comments and suggestions.

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