30 Sure Signs You are in a Very Healthy Relationship

Here are the Characteristics of a very Healthy Relationships.



1. You know and have met with your partner’s friends and family

2. You think about each other when you are not together

3. You and your partner play a lot when you are together.

4. Both of you can compromise at some point without misunderstandings.

5. Your partner loves and cherish you more then they do when you guys first met.

6. Your partner is always very happy whenever something goes right for you.


7. You two enjoy talking about positive experiences you’ve had together in the past.

8. You know you  favourite hubbies.

9. You both know your aspirations in life.

10. You kiss at every slightest opportunity and enjoy exploring your bodies even without sex. How to make a relationship work

11. You’re comfortable telling your partner stuffs that makes you feel vulnerable and they do same to you.

12. You two have your own special love language like pet names or special love signs.

13. Your partner tells you lots of their childhood stories both embarrassing ones

14. You rarely fight or express contempt by swearing, rolling your eyes, or using foul languages at each other.

15. Your partner enjoys introducing you to his friends and praises you in front of them

16. You have a sense of security being with him. You have this overpowering confident they wouldn’t do something to jeopardize your love for them.

17. When you argue, you waste no time in making up.

18. Your partner lets you into their emotional world. Relationship

19. You always express appreciation and admiration for each other.

20. You both act like teammates in everything you do

21. You have a sense that your individual strengths complement each other.

22. Your goodbyes are always affectionate

23. You and your partner see both family and friends as important, there is no disrespect whatsoever.

24. You love to hang out and have fun together.


25. You two can be able to influence each other in a positive way.

26. You can spend mins or hours on phone without getting tired and you always have nice stuffs to talk about.

27. You know your partner’s favorite relative and childhood friend

28. You are able to turn to your partner for comfort whenever you feel down or upset.

29. It’s easy to get your partner’s attention when you have something to say.

30. You love to discuss the future together

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