26 Years Old Chris Miracle Saves an Elderly Woman Who’s Car Plunged Into A creek


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 26 years old Chris Miracle, a truck driver in Florida has been credited for saving an elderly woman’s life.

Chris Noticed lights that flashed from the woods close to a church, he was heading to another county from his county around 2.am on Thursday. He drove passed the site but suddenly felt the need to turn back to the scene when he sensed someone was in trouble.

Miracle walked through the thick bush in the dark which was about 40 yards off the road and saw a car that plunged upside down into a creek. When he opened the car, he found a 77 years old woman inside. Because she had no phone with her as she was trapped inside the car, she switched on her hazard lights and hopes she finds help. Luckily for her, help came from kind hearted Chris Miracle.

Miracle immediately seeked for extra help as they rescued the woman and took her to the hospital. She has fully recovered and so grateful to Miracle and other of her rescurers.


Anyone can just see such scene at the dark and drive off because of fear of danger, But kind Miracle didn’t mind all of that. He really wanted to help. The greatest Good is what we do for others, be the light that helps others see.

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