$23k Inside a Shoebox Returned to The Owner After It Was Mistakenly Recycled


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Ashland Oregon Man’s life Savings was returned to him a day after it was mistakenly tossed in the recycling bin
When he noticed someone in his house mistakenly threw away his savings together with a shoebox in a recycle bin, he made a desperate call to recology but it was already too late because most of the recyclables had been sorted at the time the man contacted Recology. According to him, he sold a Rv & a truck and saved the money in a shoebox with the intention of using it to buy another Rv.
Workers were however, told told to be on lookout for the shoebox.  Luckily for him, a worker at the recycling facility Nick Page saw piles of money as he was pulling cardboards off the line. Recycled
He took the money to his boss. The Oregon man was contacted and told his money has been found. He was so happy and arrived after four hours journey to collect it. He tried to reward the employees but they refused.
According to Linda Wise, they were all just so happy that they were able to do something like that for him and that they will do something nice for all the employees.
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