20 Sweet & Flirty Text Messages To Your Girl That Will Make Her Smile All Day


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If you really care for her smile, this is no time to be shy. Sending a sweet messages to your woman is a cool way to spice and spark up your relationship.

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Flirty and romantic text messages is an effective step in letting a girl know that you want her to be more than a friend to you. Girls loves romantic text messages a lot, cos it makes them feel appreciated and also feel good about themselves, they love to hear how beautiful and special they are.

Wanna step up your game in winning a girl’s heart for life, here are the perfect flirty and sweet text for her. Get her smiling all day

1. I know u could hv any man you desire love, but you chose me and I love you a lot.

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2. My life feels so perfect bcos I hv u

3. Can I ever get enough of u my Angel.

4. I luv 2 see u smile cos u luk Innocently sweet

5. I’m in luv with u so much, I couldn’t explain it.


6. That best moment when I feel butterflies when u touch me, hving u makes me the luckiest man on earth.

7. A hug from u always feels magical, I’m so needing one right now.

8. Don’t ever stop loving me sweet, u r just so precious 2 me.

9. I will always love and adore u, cos u are d best thing that’s happened 2 me.

10. My luv, u are d woman I choose, I will keep choosing u always.

11. U are my world, my life, my desire and my everything.

12. My beauty, I can wait forever 4 u, that’s how bad I need u in my life.

13. Can u send me a picture so I can prove to my friends that Angels exist.

14. I always feel so happy seeing ur name pop up on my phone screen.

15. You plus me equals fate

16. I’m so bored, wanna be with u right now, could u sneak away 4 a date.

17. I wonder how boring my life would hv bn without u there 2 spice it.

18. I wish I could wake up 2 ur cute smiles everyday.

19. Being with u is like me following my dreams.

20. I hv a problem concentrating, can’t stop thinking bout u.

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