18 Positive Habits Linked to a Long Healthy Life – Protect Your Health


How to live long

Your health is one of your most valuable assets, when you protect your health, you protect your life, develop a healthy body, healthy mind and live long.

Here are some very important tips to maintaining Your Physical and Mental Health.

1. Excess Fatique can harm you, avoid that by taking enough rest.

2. Live a balanced life.

Engage in outdoor activities, because through it, you can get enough fresh air and sunshine your body and systems needs for proper functioning.

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3. Do not swallow very hot/very cold foods & drinks to avoid burning or freezing your stomach linnings.

eat slowly and allow the food to properly digest before engaging in any activity.

4. Live in a condusive climate and clean environment to promote good health and longetivity.

5. Take a bath at least two times everyday Ignorance of your hygiene can lead to sickness.

6. Take short naps at noon and sleep 7-8 hours at night.

7. Drink Tea.

Green Tea, White tea and Black Tea, are all very vital antioxidants your  body needs to fight off infections. herbal teas also increase easy blood flows.

8. Motivate people.

by motivating people, you will have a very happy life. You can also learn and become a better person by teaching and listening to others.

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9. Be generous.

be the light that shines for others to see, that way, you are also paving way for your own success and happiness.

10. Avoid too much alcohol.

Prevention is better than cure, Drink in moderation. Alcoholism ranks as one of the largest health problem, say no to anything that will pose as a risk to your health.

11. Drive Carefully.

it’s better to be late than risk your precious life. Obey traffic laws, refuse to ride with a rough driver or in any faulty car. Save your life today and live a longer life.

12. Always believe in yourself.

never give up, be positive and happy. Winners never lack, remain a winner.

13. Watch movies, listen to music and read books that are motivational.

This will give you more insights and knowledge on how to live a Better life.

14. Train your body, Exercise daily.

You can be fit as you were in your 20’s at any age, provided you know how to train your body.

14. Avoid being too worrisome and fearful.

When you always feel this way, your emotions, thoughts and actions becomes negative. Fear limits us from achieving our goals, Worry less and avoid fear, you will remain in good health and positive attitude.

15. Eat Healthy Meals.

Eat healthy meals and don’t skip breakfast, because it is the first meal of the day. It is needed for your body to function well during the day. Eat as early as 7 – 8:00 am, this is an antidote for a healthy productive day. It gives your system all the necessary nutrients it needs to start off the day. When you skip breakfast, you become weak and less active. Eat lesser at night.

16. Catch up on nice times with friends and family. They can also help to encourage you to become a better person.

17. Always Eat vegetables and Fruits.

18. Dream big, Live your dreams, do not be discouraged by anyone.

never let anyone make you feel lesser of yourself. When you live your dreams, you become happy and fulfilled.

Embrace healthy living and live your best life through self discipline. Self discipline is a major key to a healthy and long life. health is wealth, Let’s all start now to make positive changes in our lifestyles to promote good health and longer life for ourselves.

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