17 important Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag


ladies, you need to make your bag fashionable yet functional, depending on the size of the bag you are carrying.
A lady should always be ready for anyone or anything at anytime. You need to be always prepared.


A must have in every lady's Handbag


From pens to nail files to hand cream, here are just some of the major rescues to your daily needs and a must-have in your bags.


  1. Makeup Bag.

You should have a makeup bag in your bag which contains Lipsticks, lip balm,  powder and eyeliner/mascara. This can work magic eventually, when the need to add a little sparkling touch to your face comes up. Who knows, You might just have an emergency date with your Guy lined up in the evening.

With this beauty basics, No matter what the day throws at you, be it a presentation, a date or an unexpected meeting, you will be ready.


2. Perfume.

The way you smell can describe your personality. A lady should always smell nice at all time, you know that lingering scents that gives you high confidence and glow. When you leave the house in the morning wearing that sweet fragrance perfume, it starts to fade with time and before the end of the day, you start smelling almost awful. What if you have an emergency dinner or date with a loved one and no perfume to come to your rescue?

Perfume or body mist is great invissible accessories, which is a must if you want to leave a sense of memory throughout the day.


3. Sugar  Free Mint/Gum.

No one likes a smelly breath, right?

This is an essential for instant fresh breath. Bad breath is a huge turnoff and can greatly reduce your confident level. You can freshen your breath with a sugar free gum after each meal. Imagine you have a meeting lined up in the evening, that bad breath can be a big mistake.


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4. HairBand.

This item no 4 is very important when the weather becomes hot and you need to hold your hair in place.


5. Pocket Tissue.

This is another essential thing that should be found in every girl’s bag. You can suddenly develop a stuffy nose at anytime and you will be needing a tissue to blow your nose other than using your hands or breathing it in which looks disgusting.


6. Pads.

A pad is also a must have list of your bag items especially when your monthly flow is around the corner. Even if you ain’t expecting your period anytime soon, another distressed girl might just be needing one and you can help her out.


7. Phone Charger/PowerBank.

This is one major handbag essentials. You never can tell when your phone battery will be shutting off and you might need to make important call, then you are left extremely annoyed. Always put a battery charger in your handbag whenever you step out of your home.


8. Medicine / Aspirin.

While you are going on a short trip or travelling far and even on daily basis, it’s very important to carry medicines for a headache, cold, fever and stomach issue.

you might get a migraine or feel sick from stress, what you eat or weather. That moment, you can feel much better by taking some medicine.


9. USB Flash drive.

You might need to transfer some documents at work or even take and store latest movies your friend downloaded much easily.


10. Pen.

A must have for everyone!! A pen is very important because for some reasons, you might need it or someone else. Writing stuffs down acts as a great catalyst to your daily productivity.

Don’t forget to throw in a small notepad.


11. Sunglass.

We all know what this item is for! It should also be included in every girl’s bag. You should wear it to protect your eyes whenever the sun is much.


12. Chocolate.

You should also include chocolate to your handbag lists, because it is a great energy booster.


13. Earrings.

Depending on where you are going, there are fancy earrings and work earrings. You wear a pair and keep the other pair in your bag in case if the need to change to another pair comes up or one gets lost.


14. Umbrella.

If your bag is big enough, then you should put an umbrella, the weather can be so unpredictable you know.


15. Hand sanitizer

This is a must if you like to keep yourself clean and germ-free.


16. Headphones.

Headphones are big mood elavator, stress buster and a must keep in your bag. It is your big rescue to boredom especially when you are stuck in a cab or in between a boring lunch break. You should include this to listen to your favourite music while travelling or in the office.


17. Small Hair Brush/ Comb

Every girl always want to be the center of attraction. To avoid hair disaster, a comb or hairbrush is a must. You don’t want to look so messy with a tangled hair.


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