13 Uplifting Movies With Important Life Lessons /Get Inspired

Movies can greatly inspire you, it can make you think out of box. Motivational Movies greatly inspire you to think about your existence, it teaches you to become the best version of yourself.

Right here are carefully selected inspirational movies with beautiful life lessons. Sit down, relax, enjoy your popcorn and be motivated ….

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1. A Thousand Words. A thousand words movie

This movie teaches so many life lessons.

.Sometimes we just need to quit talking and listen in other to understand the other party perfectly.

.Each moment of life is a gift, live the best out of it.

.To become the best version of yourself

.Be careful about what you do or how you treat people, sometimes what you do might come back to hunt you.

2. My Left FootMy left foot movie

It teaches us that with hope and perseverance, we can achieve great things no matter the situation we find ourselves.


3. SideWaysSide Ways movie

No matter how flawed we are and how much things have gone wrong, there is always hope for the future.


4. Erin BrookorichErin Brockovich movies

Story of a woman who achieved extraordinary things when she was given the opportunity. She believes in herself and never take no for an answer. She got justice for people who would not have been recognized by handling their cases passionately. It teaches us never to misuse any opportunity we have and we should show love to people even if we don’t know who they are.


5. Rise of The GuardiansThe rise and fall of the guardians Movies

 The movie motivates us never  to loose faith, we should always believe in ourselves


6. Forest GumpForest Gump the Movies

Always try out new things, because you might just be naturally talented in it and not even know, until you try.


7. The Little PrincessThe little princess, movies

Although this movie is mostly for teenagers, it’s still a great inspirational movie. Don’t give up, you can be anything you want to be if you keep pushing and believe in your dreams.


8. The Pursuit of HappinessThe pursuit of happiness. Movies

 Dream big and act fast. Work hard towards achieving your dreams, don’t ever relent in your struggles. Some people may have beautiful dreams but fail to achieve it because they haven’t taken a bold steps towards achieving them.


8. Like Stars on Earth

 This movie is about an 8 years old Indian boy who is somehow different from others. Let’s learn to Always love and appreciate who we are because we all are unique in our own special way. 


9. Creed Creed Movies

.Success doesn’t come Easy

.Respect and learn from elders


10. The Blind SideSandra Bullock The blind side

.Trust your instincts. When your mind tells you to do something, you should try and do it.

.Dont Forget To smile, it cures all hurts

.Appreciate your family. Friends come and go, but family stays forever.

.A small gesture goes a long way


11. Groundhog DayGroundHog movies

.Be the light that shines in the lives of others. Always help people and you will surely get your reward.

Remember what goes around, comes around .


12. Hurricane SeasonHurricane season movies

.Make the best out of worst situations

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13. The ExperimentThe experiment Movies

.Be Strong enough not to let anyone control you. People’s opinions about you shouldn’t define who you are.
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