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We still have a couple months until 2021, it’s actually creeping up on us pretty fast. Shall we start planning already? Trying out new sex positions is pretty much, the best way to keep things spicy in the bedroom.
While stick to only few sex positions while there are lots of them to explore, this way, you’re building intimacy with your partner. It will also get you and your partner not just experimenting, but excited about what’s up next month. Yeah!
if you’re in need of some sexual inspiration, there’s one unexpected source that you might want to consider, tapping into: Our SEX Callender.
Now let’s explore that secret fun!
Here are 12  Super Hot Sex positions for different months.

January is a cold month, it’s so cold that people just love to stay in their bed, under the covers for days or just curl on the couch. If you cuddle a lot in bed, you’re most likely already in this position. Spooning sex!
Now here is how to do it: In a spoon position, both of you should lie on your sides facing the same direction, that way, your partner can easily penetrate you from this angle. From here, you can either stimulate your clitoris or your partner can reach down and do it for you.
Wow! I know you can’t just wait to try this out tonight…. Me too!!

OMG! OMG! Another interesting one….
Again, we have a very cold month, so warming the body is goal….you know what I mean.. Remember this is a Lovey-Dovey month of Valentine, position that’s both great for warmth and intimacy would be cool. Imagine looking your partner straight in the eyes, it’s pretty damn intimate.
Here is How to do it: Lay on your back with a pillow under your hips, while your partner with their body parallel to yours, gets between your legs and penetrates you from above. Simple but fun.

March is the month where the snow starts to melt and little buds start popping up out of the ground.
Here is How to do it: Stay in the doggy style position, while your partner penetrates you from behind and reaches around to stimulate you with either a toy or their hand. Its not just about the doggy style but the stimulation thingy, adding some spice to it.

April : Reverse Cowgirl.
Now it’s officially spring.. Dammit!!
You’ve shaken the winter from your bones and you’re so ready to have some fun. You feel so alive that you just want to get on top and take total charge of things, while your partner just lies there and enjoy.
How to Do It: Have your partner lie on their back, straddle their hips, while facing away from them, ( Let your partner stare at your back and not your face) then, lower yourself onto your partner and start grinding. Let the fun begin!

Summer is just around the corner.
This is  a sex position that builds intimacy, which is great for the preparation of long days of summer ahead.
How to do it: Your partner should sit with their legs crossed, like you did when you were a kid during story time. With your legs on either side of their legs, lower yourself into their lap and onto them, and then wrap your legs and arms around their body. Then you begin to rock it together..

June is the halfway point in the year and we are going into a new season. Its a huge transition month. Ever experienced that feeling of having sex on the kitchen table? It should happen this month.
How to do it: Lie on a flat surface, a table would be pretty cool. Lift your legs up and cross them at the ankles or knees. Your partner while in a standing position, penetrates you, while using your legs as leverage to pull themselves in deeper. It’s also a great position for people with smaller penises.

July is a perfect month for Doggy style, because it’s hot and sweaty. This month is called the dog days of summer.
How to do it: Get on your hands and knees, and have your partner penetrate you from a kneeling position. Arch your back for deeper penetration and stimulate your G-spot.

In this month, you want to be on top, before you have to say goodbye to Summer Fridays and the world gets all stressful again. This position is ideal especially after you’ve been kissed by the sun a few times.

How to do it: This sex position is your call, handle it. With your partner on their back, straddle them and lower yourself onto your partner while facing them. You can either do this while in an up-right, sitting position or lying flat against them.


Winter is around the Corner!

Doggy style is always a good idea and since we’re getting into the Fall, this position is great, because it’s a more intimate version of doggy style.

How to do it: This is actually a great position for people who love doggy style, but have weak wrists. Getting into doggy style, lower yourself down so you’re either flat on the bed, with your partner on you, or on your elbows as opposed to your hands.


Now you are close to the end of the year and ready for the next year.

Since you are happy you are almost making it to the end of the year, you happily throw your arms in the air, while you do this, you might as well throw your legs up in the air, too. Legs Up Missionary!

Starting in missionary position, roll your hips back a bit with your legs in the air. From here, your partner penetrates you, while you rest your legs on their shoulders.



This sounds crazy right? Well is the month of November, it’s a perfect month to do some crazy stuffs. So get ready for a marathon month of steamy sex — followed by lots of cuddles and mugs of hot chocolate. You are also going to need more blankets, because sweety, it’s cold outside. Time to get your body temperature a little bit higher.

How to Do it: In between naps on the couch and watching movies with your partner, you might want to do something a little more crazy to pass the time. This is the perfect position, because it doesn’t require you to leave the sofa.

This style has different positions you can choose from. Turn sideways on the couch so that you’re on your knees with your upper body leaning over one of the arms. Your partner should penetrate you from behind.

© giphy


lean over the armrest, then have your partner stand and enter you from behind. You’ve got lots of soft cushioning to use for hands support.

For the twist: Kneel on the cushions facing the back of the couch, your partner then kneels behind you.

Any couch sex style you are comfortable doing would be cool.


DECEMBER: Blanket Style.

Its officially December! The last month of the year..

Who says Christmas is just for kids? a new sex position will bring plenty of fun for you and your partner in the run-up to Christmas. when it’s so cold outside, the last thing you want to do is take your clothes off. Well I get you and that’s why the Blanket Style is the perfect sex position, I promise, it can be so hot and fun.

In blanket style, Classic Spoon position and Wrapped Lotus are ideal.


For Classic Spoon,

Lie on your side and have your partner lie behind you. Pull the covers up and get cozy before you start having sex from behind. Before you start having sex, grab a blanket and drape it over the two of you. This will up the intimacy that this position already offers. It’s kind of mysterious and hot, when you are not to see your partner’s naked body. Super Sexy. Hello Orgasm!.


For Wrapped Lotus,

have your partner sit up and climb onto his or her lap, face-to-face. Before you sit, grab the blanket and wrap it around yourself. When you get into the position, you can wrap it all the way around you and your partner. Give yourselves deep kisses while you are at it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and try the sex positions best suited for each month.

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