10 Qualities Men Consider in a Woman Before Making Her a Wife :Relationship Goals

Being in love is not enough to sustain a successful marriage, If bad habits enters a relationship, it starts to destroy it and the love starts to dwindle.

Every woman’s dream is to see her man put the ring, but the problem is that, when they realize that their relationship is stable enough, they stop putting a positive efforts to perfect the union. They start to be self centered and feeling less concerned, believing their partner cannot leave them. As a woman, it can be difficult to understand what makes a man happy, what a man wants most in a wife is physical and emotional need. When you constantly give him this, he will probably put the ring so fast & forever cherish you.

Want a perfect relationship, Here are what a man needs from his woman to propose.

1. Ability to Respect and Appreciate Him

Nothing disgust and scare a man off like his woman taking him for granted, criticizing him, disrespect and make him feel less of a man. When a woman respects his man, it energies him and inspires him to be a better man. A Man so much love a woman who can respect him, believe in him and appreciate him, it boost his confidence. But when you don’t give him this, he might be forced to seek it elsewhere.

2. Ability to Hold Conversation How to make a relationship work

No man wants to come back to a boring wife, they value conversation so much with good and engaging talk. A man need his woman to be active, this helps to strengthen a relationship.

3. Sex How to make a relationship work

Men have higher sex drives, it is simply in their nature. They see sex as a need and expect their woman to be sexually active. He needs you to be able to turn him on and be there for him both emotionally and sexually

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4. Beauty How to make a relationship work

Some women have this dumb belief that their man should love them the way they are. Truth be told, men like their woman to be attractive. You should be able to dress fine, clean and wear a clean hair. Dress so nice in such a way that your man will “wow” whenever you pass by, that way he will remain attracted to you. Also engage in a healthy lifestyle, eat good food and exercise often to keep your body in shape.

5. A Motherly figure How to make a relationship work

A man wants a kind mother with nurturing qualities, not just a good wife, a caring woman who can be a motherly figure to all.

6. The Ability to Improve Him How to make a relationship work

Every man needs a woman who can inspire and improve him, he needs a helper even tho he may not admit it. He needs someone who can patiently correct, encourage and make him a better man, a woman who can add value to his life.

7. Maturity How to make a relationship work

Marriage is not for babies but for fully grown people. A man wants a grown woman as a wife, a woman who will be able to tolerate and endure. He doesn’t need a girl wife to baby sit.

8. Emotionally Stable How to make a relationship work

Everyone has emotions, but a man wants a wife who can control & be true to her emotions but not allowing her emotions influence her decisions. He doesn’t need a temperament lady who nags all day or an insecure lady with a low self esteem and emotional wreck. A man needs a strong woman and not an irrational wife

9. Cleanliness

No man wants a dirty and lazy woman for a wife. Men are attracted to women who can keep not just herself clean but her environment. A lady should be able to keep her home clean and inviting.

10. A Good Cook

A woman who can cook can keep a man home as long as she wants. Almost all men loves food, they don’t joke with their stomach. A good cook is definitely considered by a man as a good keep, get him glued to you and constantly running home after work, by feeding him a sumptuous meal always

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