10 Powerful Natural Treatments To Get Rid of Body Odor


Body odor is an unpleasant smell that comes from the body when the bacterias that live on the skin break down sweat into acids.

Sweating and body odor are caused by sweat glands in the body. The two main types of sweat glands are eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands occur over most of the body and open directly onto the surface of the skin. When the body temperature rises, these glands release fluids that cool your body as they evaporate.

Apocrine glands are found in areas where you have hair, such as your armpits and groin. These glands release a milky fluid when you’re stressed. This fluid is odorless until it combines with bacteria on your skin.

A large concentration of apocrine glands is present in the armpits, making that area susceptible to the rapid development of body odor.

Here are Ways to Control Armpit odor:

1) Keep the armpits clean – Wash them regularly using anti-bacterial soap

2) Hair: When armpits have hair, it slows down the evaporation of sweat, giving the bacteria more time to break it down into smelly substances. Shave the armpits regularly, as this helps to control body odor.

3) Deodorant or antiperspirant: Deodorants make the skin acidic, making it more difficult for bacteria to thrive. It blocks the sweating action of the glands, resulting in less sweating.

Body odor can occur in the armpits, groin, genitals, belly button, behind the ears, feet and the anus.

Many people are unaware that their feets can actually cause body Odor. Odors that comes from the feet usually occur when people wear socks and shoes for a long time, making sweat difficult to evaporate and giving bacteria more sweat to break down into smelly substances. Moist feet can also cause fungi infections can smell awful.

Here are Natural Remedies Get Rid of Body Odor that Really Works. 

1. White Vinegar.

White vinegar is a very effective remedy to stop body odor.

wipe the sweat producing areas in the body like armpit (except the Genitals) using white vinegar or alcohol.

For genital odor, have your bath at least 2 times daily and make sure to wash the genital with clean warm water. If after doing this and the odor is still present, consult a doctor to have your health checked incase of any infection.


2. Lemon Juice.


lemon juice contains acidic properties which helps to lower the skin’s pH level, making it difficult for odor producing bacteria to survive. Lemon juice is best used to fight bacteria on the armpit.

Cut one lemon into two halves. Rub one half of the lemon on your underarms. Make sure the juice gets onto the skin. Allow it to dry very well  before taking a shower.


3. Apply Cornstarch.


Cornstarch stops bacteria growth and  reduces moisture.

Apply cornstarch on the armpits and other odor-prone body areas.


4. Tomato Juice Bath.


Tomato juice is a good remedy for getting rid of bad odor.

Add cups of tomato juice in your bath water and soak yourself for 15 minutes.


5. Drink Sage Tea.


Sage contains natural antiperspirant properties. Sage tea reduces overall body odor, it reduces excessive sweating due to over active sweat glands.

Pour one and a half teaspoons of dried sage into a cup of hot water and cover it for about 10 mins, drink 3 times daily.

**Do not take sage if you are pregnant or a nursing mother.

**Sage might lower blood sugar levels. Use caution if you have blood sugar related conditions, take sage in a very low dose, because excess intake can lower blood sugar level.

**Do not take sage if you have high blood pressure.

**Stop taking sage two weeks before surgery.


6. Eat or Apply Rosemary.


Rosemary is a heat-tolerant herb which helps to control body odor due to its antibacterial effect. In addition to this, Rosemary gives a pleasant smell, it can be used to relax the stomach and also used as a memory stimulant.

Rosemary contains antiseptic properties that helps to get rid of any undesirable microorganisms on the skin and it’s tea sooth the digestive tract.

**Do not take rosemary in large quantity if you are pregnant

** Do not also take rosemary if you have seizure disorder.


7. Apple Cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar absorbs excessive oil from the skin, it also kills bacteria and balance skin’s pH level.

Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and rub it on your underarms, back of your ear, the belly button and other hidden sweat producing areas. Allow it to dry on its own, and then take a shower.

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