10 Easy Tips That Can Stop Anxiety Disorder


Anxiety is among the most common mental health issues in the world today, it can affect physical and mental health.

It is a feeling of excessive unease or nervousness and fear about an uncertain event or happenings. It can greatly interfere  with our everyday life. Anxiety can be caused by many factors such as

medical factors

post traumatic stress disorder,


Social anxiety

environmental factors

genetic factors.

Whenever we become stressed and anxious, the brain sends signals to the body, alerting it to fight. The body reacts by releasing stress hormone.

Some of the Symptoms of Anxiety include

. Sleeping difficulties

. Weakness

. Excessive Sweating

. Restlessness

. Tingling

. Fatigue

. Dizziness

. Heart Palpitations

. Feeling of sickness

. Difficulties Concentrating

. Muscle tension

. Depression

. Truama

Now Put Your Worries away and follow this easy steps

1. Taking a Deep Breath –

this routine will provide relief from anxiety symptoms. With this your body gets a relaxed response instead of react response. Gently Inhale through your nose on the count of 5 and exhale through your mouth with the same count.

2. Positive Self talk –

This is another good tip. Ignore every negative thoughts your brain is giving you and assure yourself that you can come up with some strategies to cope with any problem that is worrying you.

Positive self talks makes us feel better and can make us forget every fear.

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3. Forget The Future, Concentrate on Now-

thinking about the future can increase anxiety because we are uncertain about what the future holds. Focus on what is currently happening instead of what will still happen in the future. This will help you to effectively manage what is currently happening. If you must think about the future, then it should be a happy event you look forward to in the future. This will equally help you get over bad thoughts easily.

4. Meditation – Anxiety

it helps to slow racing thoughts. When done regularly, it can train your brain to dismiss anxious thoughts when they come up.

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5. Writing – Anxiety

Write down what makes you anxious, by putting them in black and white, you can get it off your head.

6. Herbal Teas – Anxiety

Herbal tea have soothing effects in the body and nerves. It can promote relaxation and reduce the effects of anxiety.

7. Time Management –

this strategy can make one keep anxiety at a distance. Many commitments at once, can trigger anxiousness. You can effectively manage your time by breaking down projects into steps. You can set your plans with offline or online calender.

8. Exercising Regularly-

A morning or afternoon Relaxation workout is very effective in reducing anxiety problems. You can achieve this by lying or sitting in a relaxed position and gently massage every muscles from toes to shoulders.

9. Getting Enough Sleep –

too little sleep affects moods which contribute to depression, it can have serious effects on anxiety level. Sleep gives your brain and body time to heal. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

If you find it hard falling asleep, this tips will help you get a better sleep

.  Avoid Excessive intake of Caffeine. This can cause sleep disorder and increase anxiety. Caffeine can be found in coffee, Chocolate teas and soft drinks which takes so long to leave the body system.

.Taking a shower shortly before bed can help you fall asleep easily.

. Set a sleep Schedule . Try to go to bed at that set time and wake up at the same time in the morning except on. Unless you are an office worker, you don’t wanna risk getting sacked. If you leave for work very early in the morning, then try and go to bed much earlier so you can wake up on time.

. Exercise 6-7 hours before bed time as workout close to bedtime can interfere with sleep.

.Set up a meal plan. Schedule your meals and be consistent with the time. Don’t wait too long to eat four hours before bedtime.

.Reading. reading in a quiet and warm room triggers sleep

10. Changing Diets –

Some supplements and herbs such as Omega 3 fatty acids, Dark chocolates and green tea, reduces anxiety disorder.

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Have anymore suggestions on how to reduce anxiety, share with us on the comment section


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